Monday, January 26, 2009

Today's Challenger Updates

Here are today's updates from our Challengers. Sheri from posted this photo on her blog. She made herself a pair of slippers. You must visit her blog to read her description of making a pair of slippers! Sheri, I'm glad you made something for yourself. Sometimes we feel guilty making something for ourselves don't we? We shouldn't, but... The next 2 projects are from Cathy, She painted the bookshelf for her daughter. Cathy's final entry into the challenge is the bread pan. If you scroll through and look at her photo of the plain pan and compare it to the finished pan, you will see just what she did. Beautiful.

Here are the current standings. (I still have projects from JoAnne to publish that aren't included in the count) Cathy -6, JoAnne - 4, Nicola - 4, Sheri - 2, Ann - 2 & Linda - 0. Great work Ladies. Keep working! ~Ann


  1. I love seeing the projects that people are completing, and although I am not participating it is motivating me to get to work! Love those socks! Everyone involved in the challenge is SO talented!


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  3. Hi Ann, I need to email you a couple more images of finished projects, am loving seeing everyone else's work! If you visit my blog I have left an award for you there.


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