Thursday, July 18, 2013

Prairie Schooler Santas

Let me just say, I love July! 

July 4th is one of my favorite holidays - I love being at ball games and hearing the National Anthem being played this month.  

July also starts to slow down at our house - well, a little bit.  The boys are only playing baseball on the weekends which frees me up just a little bit to catch up on things.  

Over Christmas vacation I started stitching The Prairie Schooler Santa collections.  I only have 8 done to this point, but decided to put the backing on them this afternoon.  

I am going to be SO happy come December that I have these 8 done.  Maybe I can get a few more stitched before it's time to decorate for Christmas.  

I chose to do the envelope method of backing - when you are done there's no stitching the opening closed.  

Thank you Marly for all your inspiration and help with these.  

 Put my Kindred Spirits piece in its frame last night.  So happy I could save this piece.

 I think I'm losing it!  I shared with you the wonderful Flosses by The Gentle Art....

well, guess what I found while digging through my stitching baskets today?

A floss kit for the pattern I'm currently stitching ......Autumn on Marigold Lane.  I had purchased this sometime during the winter and didn't need to purchase it again!  I'll need to find more patterns to stitch with these lovely flosses.  

Have a great weekend!  I'm off with our oldest son for a weekend Tournament in Indiana,  Dad/Coach and the youngest son will be staying home for a 12U tournament our baseball association puts on.   


  1. July is my busiest month! I have had 3 days so far that have had nothing to do and 4 more coming...otherwise BUSY!
    How wonderful to find the floss - amazing what we find when we did DEEP!

    1. Oh crumb...I forgot to mention I like your Santas very much!!!
      How beautiful they will look in a basket with greens or something like that at Christmas.

  2. Ann love the Santas and the colors too.
    Heard you coming to Holly in September! Thats great! It will be fun, you will love the area.

  3. I love the Santas! I, too, am working on Christmas projects. Makes it seem a bit colder than the hot days we have during summer.

  4. Ann~your santas are lovely! Your envelope finish looks nice too, maybe I will finish mine the same way. I just started mine! We'll see how many I finish by Christmas! (: Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Love your Santas! They are just beautiful! So happy that you will be joining us at the Harvest At The Mill! You should be receiving your information in the next day or so, it went out yesterday! Dawn

  6. I love those guys. You did a great job and chose perfect backing fabric.

  7. I love your Santas! I have been trying to find some of the older ones! They are hard to come by!

  8. love the santa's!! is there a tutorial on the envelope method somewhere? denise

  9. Great looking Santa's! The GA flosses are wonderful... I really should start labeling which floss kit goes to what pattern...

  10. Aww I love your sonatas so sweet...
    Big hugs..
    Have fun x

  11. Ann, LOVE the Santas! The colors are perfect. Your Kindred Spirits sampler looks great in the happy that you could preserve your hard work!!

    Hugs, Linda

  12. Hi Ann, I love the fabric you chose for the backing!



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