Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm complaining more often!

A few posts ago I was complaining of never finding Folk Art at garage sales or thrift stores. Well, look what I found at a flea market last weekend......The largest canister! Now my set is complete. I must give DH credit for this find. My Mom and I had been standing right in front of it admiring a pie plate that had a pumpkin cover on it. I never looked at anything else on that table. DH caught up with me at the next booth asking whether or not I'd seen the Folk Art (yes I have him trained well!) I couldn't believe that I missed it. What a buy at $7.00 and it's in mint condition. I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy the other one that was on the table - the next size down for $5.00 - one of you out there would have wanted it I'm sure.
Have you ever been in a Gordman's store? It's kind of like TJ Maxx but WAY better. I found this little jug there for $3.99! Couldn't believe all the primitive decorations they had. The only draw back is it was made in China.

Have a great weekend. ~Ann

Friday, September 4, 2009

Harvest Swap

I was so excited when I saw this very prim looking box on my dinning room table this week. I couldn't wait to open it, kind of the same feeling that I get when Mercantile Gathering or Early American Live arrives in the mail. It was my from my swap partner Amy, At home with Amy. Look at these great swap goodies. As I told Amy, my DH, DD, DS#1, DS#2 all were very excited that she remembered them with Autumn mix candy. Exactly how they "knew" it was for them leaves me baffled, as there was no note for them. I felt like the little red hen, I did all the work for my swap and they were happy to eat the candy! LOL, just kidding.

Amy stitched a wonderful "welcome fall" sampler with berries under the words. The frame is my favorite color, dark red and rough. A finger tip towel and ceramic leaf peg hanger will look great in my downstairs half bath. On the far right in the back is a grater that Amy redid with autumn flowers and raffia, I included a side view so you can see the grater. I told Amy this will add a splash of color to my kitchen.

I had so much fun making my items for the swap and sending them off to Amy and looking forward with anticipation to receiving her wonderful box of goodies. This was my first swap with Char, but I will be doing the next one!

My Mom is visiting with us for the holiday weekend. We are looking forward to our DD's Cross Country match tomorrow. She runs in a big race south of where we live in Ohio. Last year she finished 8th out of 176 girls, big expectations for tomorrow. Have a great Labor Day weekend. I'm going to catch up reading all your blogs, I've missed most of the week.