Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For Teresa

Teresa  (you know who you are!) this box is coming your way.  Please don't be surprised if you find an extra little big addition in your box of baskets.
This next picture might make you a little dizzy - sorry - but both of them wanted in!  I think they've been reading your blog and see that your fur babies get to go outside.

Thanks again! ~Ann

Friday, September 2, 2011

A very hungry cat!

First, let me share that Laura from Appleberry Cottage won my rug hooking pattern that I'm passing along. Congratulations Laura, I hope you like hooking the design as much as I have. 

On to the hungry beast!  Shadow has figured out that the cat food is stored in this metal can.  I love the can, picked it up at an auction - it has a cool bail handle.  I did apply the label to the front - it's all about the prices of molasses.

My husband is the first one downstairs in the morning and often he finds the food dish in this sad, sad state....oops someone forgot to feed them before we went to bed! You'd think with 5 people in this house someone could remember them!
My husband says if Shadow doesn't get his attention with this trick the crazy cat will hop down and get in the way making sure to "steer" Dad over to the dish!
We have a weekend with 2 cross country races and 2 baseball games.  Hope you all have a great weekend.