Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For Teresa

Teresa  (you know who you are!) this box is coming your way.  Please don't be surprised if you find an extra little big addition in your box of baskets.
This next picture might make you a little dizzy - sorry - but both of them wanted in!  I think they've been reading your blog and see that your fur babies get to go outside.

Thanks again! ~Ann


  1. Love it Ann!! My kitties are so jealous too....They saw Pumpkin Pie out and about today and have been pouting ever since! (I really think they're just jealous of Teresa's kitties' enormous tails, cuz they haven't been so abundantly blessed....) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Oh My Word Ann~
    So stickin adorable~ I am giggling so hard I have tears in my eyes~ they are too funny~

    It has been one of them nights at the homestead the entire home is shaking~ the Kit's have been chasing each other around & around~ this is what I can hear~ down the basement steps, jumping in the clothes basket, then up the steps, around the main floor, then up the upstairs steps down the hall, jumping up & down on everything, they are so silly tonight~
    I just grabbed Pumpkin to take a look see~ Oh, my his back bent up~ his tail got full~ He said step aside Puddy cats~ that box will soon be mine~It has my name written all over it~
    hugs to you Ann~ & kitty kisses to the fur balls~
    you made my day~

  3. TOO ADORABLE.....thanks for sharing.
    I'm sure Teresa would love to have some sweet furry visitors.

  4. oh my goodness - too funny - that box was a rocking i'm sure!


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