Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm Trading Places & A Sneak Peek

First I'll show you the sneak peek of my new bathroom.  These are the lights that will hang above the "new" mirrors.   I thought these lights were prim enough - if I could choose anything I'd pick something expensive, but these are fine and will blend in nicely when all is done. We ended up putting wainscot on the entire wall behind the vanity. I still need to paint and then I'll show you all the reveal.

Our middle child had the flu on Saturday/Sunday (great Easter!) and was kind enough to share with me on Monday/Tuesday.  I've decided since I'm so far behind on laundry and housework from being sick that I'm trading places with Frito.  I think I need a nap on my personal body pillow...  
Many times throughout the day someone will walk past and rub my back, feed me a couple little treats, carry me to lie in the sun
keep my food dish full, rinse out my water bowl and give me only bottled water - I can't drink faucet water!

I won't have to lift a finger and everyone will tell me how cute I am.  Then I get to this picture and think maybe a little exercise might be in order! 
Have a great rest of the week.  ~Ann