Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A few Christmas Decorations

I know, I tell you I have pictures of Christmas decorations and then start off with a picture of the cat! Frito is nosey - any basket he can fit his fat little body into and even some that he can't are fair game. He was so funny sitting and debating about whether or not he could manage fitting into this one! We all laughed because we could "tell" what he was thinking! By the living room door...
A favorite of mine that always has to go up. In first grade our DS #1 made this. I can't imagine being his teacher that year - there were 27 kids in his class and they all worked on these cross stitch designs. It's gingham fabric that they "X" ed. Matthew is a real math person and loved this project.

Close up of a pantry cake I just made using an antique tin that belonged to my great-grandmother. Love the pineapple design of it.

This is the dresser in the dining room that the pantry cake sits on. I realize that the dresser is not centered on the wall between the window and the sliding doors, but if I center it the heating vent is covered up. DH has a "thing" about me covering up the vents. I need to use one of those deflectors and maybe I could center it.

I just added a little greenery and a strand of lights to the top of this antique basket. The framed stitchery says "old baskets" and I added a pip berry ring to the electric candle. DH made matching corner cupboards for the dining room. I'll have to show them in their entirety next post.

Shelf in dining room with a feather tree, faux snowballs, fabric candy canes and a St. Nick. The bell is an advent countdown our youngest made this year in school - gotta have that up!

My window decorations this year. Just a little greenery, berries and these great tin stars I found at a GS for 25 cents each. Unfortunately they only had 4 and I really need 4 more!

Stay tuned for more Christmas....~Ann

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Projects

This first project that I've completed recently is one of my favorites. I found the little tinpail at a GS for 25 cents. Why didn't I take a picture of it first? I'm sure

you've seen one similar, generic Christmas popcorn tin. I spray painted it black

and then brushed on a brick red. The label is homemade - old font, scrapbook paper,

and walnut ink. Santa from Tennessee Ridge Primitives, I just love her patterns. I did not add the crow to this as I'm cutting back on the crows!

Moonchild's Primitives for this shelf sitter Santa. He was very easy and I loved the edging on his hood - it was cheesecloth.

The stocking pattern was one that Char gave away last year as a freebie. I'd made the stocking and left it in my craft area. Thought I better finish it up for this Christmas!

I spray painted the greenery with a little white/cream spray paint to give it a little texture and color variation.

Now I have to get busy with the trees. Will post photos as I finish them up. I hope you are having a good weekend. ~Ann