Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tallow Berries Anyone?

I just love Tallow Berries.  I thought I'd buy some on eBay, here's a photo of the auction

This is what I got

I'm fuming just a little bit!  Why on earth do they show a picture of several stems all held together and then I only get one?  The description does say that the auction is for a bundle of over 30+ stems.  My bad, live and learn with some eBay sellers.  I will not leave negative feedback - I'm just not going to leave any feedback. If I was selling one of something, I'd only show one of that item!! 

Does anyone have a source where I can purchase some?  (That come from a home that is non-smoking - another item that I neglected to pay attention to - the berries, box and packaging were all pickled in smoke)  I always just assume since we don't smoke and are honest that everyone is - am I naive or what?

Off to a Cross Country meet!  ~Ann

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I've been Stitchin'

I've been in a stitching mood lately - let me share with you what I've made...

From a pattern from The Stitcherhood - Salem Semetary #8 found here.  I thought this was just too cute - I  love going to cemeteries and looking at old tombstones.  There are only 3 colors used in this design, I think it really makes the pumpkins and vines stand out.  


This next one - Autumn is a freebie design from The Stitcherhood, found here  I made a mistake in reading the floss colors on this one - the word Autumn is supposed to be stitched in 3012 and I stitched in 3021!  I like the mistake - 3021 is actually a darker green. 

I have LOTS of little frames that need filling so I took design elements from the above chart and stitched only portions to come up with these two little pieces.  I absolutely LOVE the frame on the left.

This next little pinkeep is a Stacy Nash pattern - Jack Treat Bag and Pinkeep.  This was a quick stitchery and I made 2 other ones to send in swaps I've joined this fall. 

This next one is another freebie from Lizzie Kate - Spooky Time and can be found here  I did not have the spider charm that was called for in the pattern so  I substituted a stitched pumpkin in it's place.  In 25 years of cross stitching I've never stitched on black cloth - it is a challenge and I had to sit right under the lamp!  Maybe my eyes are getting old...

This last one is a needle punch that I made from a book I checked out of the library last year - I don't remember who the designer was - I am sorry - I didn't make a note of it.  I glued the edges of the punching fabric and cut close to the design.  I then glued it to a plaid homespun that my friend, Melissa from Farm Field Primitives gave me.  Thanks Melissa. 

Got to get back to my stitching - actually I have a couple of basket orders that need to be completed so my needle will have to wait.  Have a great weekend ~Ann

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Meet our new baby

Meet Shadow!  He's our newest family member.  We adopted him from our county humane society the second week in August. 

We had been a 2 cat home for 15 years, when 4 years ago both our cats died within 4 months of each other. (Teppe and Riley were our babies before we had babies!)  We purchased Frito 4 years ago on Halloween and thought we could live with just one cat.  Frito also thought it was a good idea to have just one cat! 

  Do you see the size of those paws in the above picture - we are thinking he might turn out to be a panther!

Shadow has good prim taste - sleeping in a wooden bowl.

Frito did not think much of having to share his bed in the dry sink or his pink princess blankie!  There was a lot of hissing, swatting and growling at first.

Now it's a different story,  they seem to be the best of friends. Frito has even been giving Shadow baths. 
We really think that Frito only tolerates him because now there is an extra food dish in the house!   Talk about spoiled cats, they have one dish on the main level of the house and one in the kids' upstairs bathroom. 

Shadow has been a great new helper - he thinks basket reed is a perfect bed. He also thinks it's lots of fun to get all tangled up in the reed and run around the house dragging it all with him. 
He loves to drink condensation from any bottle left out!

  You quickly forget how active a kitten can be - when all you have is a lazy, fat orange cat.  Shadow was the perfect name - he is so hard to see and likes to hide and ambush us when we are least expecting it.