Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A few Christmas Decorations

I know, I tell you I have pictures of Christmas decorations and then start off with a picture of the cat! Frito is nosey - any basket he can fit his fat little body into and even some that he can't are fair game. He was so funny sitting and debating about whether or not he could manage fitting into this one! We all laughed because we could "tell" what he was thinking! By the living room door...
A favorite of mine that always has to go up. In first grade our DS #1 made this. I can't imagine being his teacher that year - there were 27 kids in his class and they all worked on these cross stitch designs. It's gingham fabric that they "X" ed. Matthew is a real math person and loved this project.

Close up of a pantry cake I just made using an antique tin that belonged to my great-grandmother. Love the pineapple design of it.

This is the dresser in the dining room that the pantry cake sits on. I realize that the dresser is not centered on the wall between the window and the sliding doors, but if I center it the heating vent is covered up. DH has a "thing" about me covering up the vents. I need to use one of those deflectors and maybe I could center it.

I just added a little greenery and a strand of lights to the top of this antique basket. The framed stitchery says "old baskets" and I added a pip berry ring to the electric candle. DH made matching corner cupboards for the dining room. I'll have to show them in their entirety next post.

Shelf in dining room with a feather tree, faux snowballs, fabric candy canes and a St. Nick. The bell is an advent countdown our youngest made this year in school - gotta have that up!

My window decorations this year. Just a little greenery, berries and these great tin stars I found at a GS for 25 cents each. Unfortunately they only had 4 and I really need 4 more!

Stay tuned for more Christmas....~Ann

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Projects

This first project that I've completed recently is one of my favorites. I found the little tinpail at a GS for 25 cents. Why didn't I take a picture of it first? I'm sure

you've seen one similar, generic Christmas popcorn tin. I spray painted it black

and then brushed on a brick red. The label is homemade - old font, scrapbook paper,

and walnut ink. Santa from Tennessee Ridge Primitives, I just love her patterns. I did not add the crow to this as I'm cutting back on the crows!

Moonchild's Primitives for this shelf sitter Santa. He was very easy and I loved the edging on his hood - it was cheesecloth.

The stocking pattern was one that Char gave away last year as a freebie. I'd made the stocking and left it in my craft area. Thought I better finish it up for this Christmas!

I spray painted the greenery with a little white/cream spray paint to give it a little texture and color variation.

Now I have to get busy with the trees. Will post photos as I finish them up. I hope you are having a good weekend. ~Ann

Sunday, November 29, 2009

1803 Ohio Farm Basket

Remember 2 weeks ago when I was home with a sick child? Here's another one of my creations from that day. I made this little wall basket, stained it black, sanded for a worn look and stained with my boiled black walnut hull stain. The label on the front is stitched by hand on osnaburg with the date 1803. This will be listed on my selling blog, there's a button above that will take you there. I will custom color the basket or stitch a different label if you like. Photo above without flash, the one below with flash. I love the tallow berries, I purchased them at Karen's - My Colonial Home - open house last weekend.

I hope you are all having a great week, I'm lovin' everyone's Christmas decorations. ~Ann

Too much Christmas????

If you had asked me that question last year I would have told you a resounding "YES". You see, my friend Melissa from Farm Field Primitives and I hosted a primitive gathering called Christmas in the Country. We have hosted this show for 4 years (I think), but hadn't done it in several years. We decided last year to take the plunge and host this again. Since Melissa had always had it at her home I volunteered last year. Thought I'd share with you some pictures of my home all set for the open house. Above is my dining room, below my living room We had 3 total trees decorated, the two larger ones in the corners of the living room. You can see who the center of attention was! (picture below) Frito was NOT happy that his dry sink was moved away from the window and loaded down with "stuff". He jumped up and just lay down on everything that was in his way! I did have several offers by guests who wanted to take him off our hands. Glad that DH didn't hear that or he would have sent Frito packing! One gal carried him around the whole time she was at my house, did Frito mind? Not at all. Guess you can't have a primitive home show without the cat.

This year I actually have the desire to decorate my house! The open house last year was so much work, it kind of zapped the holiday spirit from me. Today I put up 4 trees, nothing on them yet other than the lights, but that's a start. Three of them are grouped together in my bedroom - 3', 4', 5' Alpine trees. I'm trying to figure out a theme for them. In the past I've made mini baskets to decorate them with, not sure if I'll dig them out or change my theme. As soon as I decide, I'll post a picture.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my Sister and Family and my Mom. My sister lives only about 16 miles from Karen from My Colonial Home so we attended Karen's open house on Friday night. We had a wonderful time and Karen's home is beautiful. All her items were just perfect and I have a few in my home now! Thanks Karen for inviting us.

Have a wonderful week. ~Ann

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday!

First off I need to wish our DD a happy 15th birthday! Happy Birthday Carrie. I must share with all my blog friends that it is very strange to have a child with a birthday and not have that child at home! Carrie is our oldest and she left Monday morning to start her Thanksgiving holiday early. She met my mother on Amtrak and continued on to my Sister's home in Milwaukee. I guess I need to prepare myself that she is growing up! We are headed that way later for the Holiday weekend so we will wish Happy Birthday tonight. Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in blogland.

I hope that you all have lots to be thankful for, I know that I do. Enjoy a peaceful and relaxing day on Thursday. Even though we are traveling and the meal is not at my house, I plan on making my sister sit down and relax - she is due with child #3 in early January. With a 4 year old and an almost 3 year old I think she needs the break! My niece - the almost 3 year old - has named the baby "Sparkle" - good thing baby is a girl, as it might be a rather odd nickname for a boy! I am so thankful to have a wonderful, imaginative nephew and a headstrong, adorable niece with another one on the way. We will have a great time all being together, our two families, my Mom and my BIL's parents.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Before I show you what I've been up to I have to share this great tip with you. I hope that this can help you and that I'm not the only one in the world who didn't know this! When you get deodorant on your top (which I do frequently even though I roll my shirt first) take pantyhose and rub on the white marks left behind by the deodorant. Viola, it's gone. Thank you to my DD and her friend who told me this. Every once in a while an idea turns out exactly like it looked in my head! Love those days. The above light was one of those ideas. I used a wood box I found at the TS for 25 cents, cut off a Christmas window light - another 25 cents, filled the box with floral foam, greenery, chenille candy canes, cinnamon sticks and red berries. I printed the "peppermint sticks" label on my computer, just an old looking font and then sprayed it with walnut ink. I wired the box lid to the back of the arrangement and now I have my first new Christmas decoration for the season.

I am going to add the following 2 baskets to my selling blog. Our youngest child was home sick on Monday and Tuesday of this week and I wove 9 baskets over those 2 days. I don't like having sick kids, but loved being home and able to dig out my basket weaving supplies.

This first one is a wall basket with a solid bottom and a black rim. The crows and stars are attached to rusty wire and then wired onto the basket.

The second basket is another one of those really useful baskets, it's for storage of your plastic shopping bags. Just stuff the bags in the top and pull them out of the opening in the bottom. The colors in this one are smoked reed - the darker brown and navy. I've attached a mustard color barn star on the front

Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving if I don't post again this week. ~Ann

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Congratulations to Rhonda

The winner of my birthday giveaway is Rhonda from The Olde Stonehouse blog. I wrote everyone's name on a slip of paper and had DD draw one out. Rhonda was the first person to comment on my giveaway AND her birthday is the same day as mine. Must be fate. Congratulations Rhonda, I've left you a comment on your last post, if you'd be so kind to respond.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ugly Bowl Tutorial

I promise all you need are these two products (plus your favorite color paint, sandpaper and a little elbow grease) The top jar is wood filler and the bottom is my new favorite BRIWAX! I told you I'm putting this on everything in the house!
I found this bowl last summer - '08 at a garage sale and bought it with the intention of sanding it down and making it prim. The leaves are painted on, but the edges of the leaves are also wood burned into the bowl. After sanding for what seemed like ages to remove the varnish and sand out the woodburned indentations I gave up. Not to be outdown by a wooden bowl, I began to think about a different technique to finish this off.

I covered the leaves with the wood filler and let it dry. Then sanded the wood filler smooth.

One sparse coat of black spray paint to help the brushed on paint adhere better.

The brown paint I used - just one coat is all you really need. Let this dry overnight and then sand where you would see the wear.

Now comes my favorite part - the BRIWAX. I will tell you that I think that there is a learning curve to using this product. I found that if you rub too much you will take off the coats below - not good. Stop rubbing when you notice a little friction, put more on your cloth and continue on. I do small areas a time, rubbing in small circles.

Now I must share with you the cost of this beauty. It was 5 cents at the garage sale! Add in the wood filler, paint and Briwax and you have a very inexpensive redo. Next time you see a wood bowl that you think is beyond saving, think again. I've done this to 2 bowls and they've both turned out terrific.

If you haven't signed up for my Birthday giveaway you have until Thursday night at 9:00 EST. Please leave a comment on the post for the giveaway if you would like to be entered. Just scroll down a couple of posts and you will find the giveaway. ~Ann

Friday, November 6, 2009

Venison Anyone?

I'll get to the venison in just a minute!

Before I forget, have you signed up for my birthday giveaway? Scroll down 2 posts and leave me a comment to register. You only have until Thursday night to enter.

The plate that I showed you in the last post found a home under this candle and autumn candle ring on my dry sink - so far the cat hasn't knocked it off. If you remember, Frito thinks he owns the drysink. Many times anything that I place on the higher portion of it gets knocked off in disgust.

I finally found a candle stick that works better in this candle box that DH made me. GW had it - 50 cents. It was raw wood so I painted it black, sanded it and applied Briwax - yes I'm going to coat everything in my house with Briwax! The candle is a GS find - Modge Podge and cinnamon finished off with a coat of Acrylic sealer. I tied a piece of homespun around the candle and draped a small grapevine wreath around the candlestick. The candle box was one of those ideas that I saw in a magazine, showed it to DH and all I had to do was draw the sides how I wanted them. DH disappeared into the garage and within half an hour he was back with this beauty. I will tell you it was before Briwax, it has Minwax stain over 2 coats of paint - the first was black and then a dark gray.

Now on to the venison - I promise no gross pictures! Can you believe that this little, adorable, indoor only, gender confused cat (that's his Princess blankie he's sleeping on - in the dry sink) could possibly want to take down a deer?

We had a doe in the back yard last night. Occasionally we'll have them at the edge of the yard by the corn field, but last night this little doe was very close to the deck. Frito was sitting in the house having a tense moment, his tail was swishing back and forth while he was staring down the doe. DH opened the sliding door for him to go outside. Frito promptly ran outside but came to a halt at the edge of the deck. Ms. Deer and Mr. Frito stared at each other for a minute, she decided that he wasn't that big of a threat and continued eating! Eventually she wandered back into the corn and DH went out to bring the hunter back into the house. Have a great weekend ~Ann

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Love Fall!

I tell you all that I love fall and then start this post out with re-do pictures! Found these plates at Salvation Army store for a whopping 70 cents total. Both are wood, the top left plate appears to be "woven". I think it might have been a salad plate from a restaurant. The bottom right plate had "good bones", but a very un-prim design. I took them both outside and sprayed with flat black paint - the cheap stuff from Walmart. I did manage to miss my toes with paint, sorry they made it into the picture- the wind was blowing and I had to keep the paper down!

Finished plates after a coat of Dark Brown Briwax. I must tell you that I LOVE Briwax. I had to order it from ACE. After ordering it I found some in an antique store - why didn't I think to look there, I wouldn't have had to wait. I think it's much easier to use than stain. Thanks to all of you who recommended this product.

On to fall, I've found a couple of things on clearance lately - the best item being these fall berries at Michaels. I bought them with a different use in mind, but decided to wrap the strands around my twig tree and I really like the way it looks. I took 2 pictures, the first with the flash

and this second one without the flash. You might get a better idea of how they look here....

Last night we went to our DD's Cross Country banquet. We were very excited that she earned her Varsity letter as a freshman. DD is on the right, her friend in the photo is the other freshman who lettered, they both worked hard to achieve this goal. Both were also honored as scholar athletes. We are so proud of DD. Now girls, next year we expect to move out of districts!

If you haven't signed up for my birthday giveaway, see the previous post and sign up! ~Ann

Monday, November 2, 2009

My Birthday Gift to YOU!

This is a busy month at my home. My birthday is November 15th, our first child, DD will be 15 on November 25 and our second child, DS#1 will be 12 on November 13! Whew - we didn't plan that very well did we? I must say that the best birthday present I EVER had was coming home from the hospital on my birthday with a perfect little baby, DS #1. (Even though I checked into the hospital on 11/12 my Dr. wouldn't release me until 11/15 because of some abnormalities in my blood levels. Luckily everything got back to normal within 6 months.)

To celebrate this great month I'm hosting a giveaway for my birthday. The prize is a Harvest Doll made by me, a basket made by me with harvest type dessert/cocktail napkins and 2 Yankee candle melts in the Cinnamon Stick scent. I still need to stain the basket so it will be darker than it is in this picture.

There are just a couple of "rules" for this giveaway.

First - you must leave a comment on this post - like you'll be over for a piece of cake! We are so sick of cake by the end of the month! I've been known to throw cake away. Last year DS asked for homemade cinnamon rolls instead of cake - YUM.

Second - PLEASE don't post this giveaway on your blog. I'd like this to be for my followers or those that happen upon my blog by accident.

Third - If you don't have a blog, leave me your email address, if I can't contact you I'll redraw someone else's name.

I will draw next Thursday night 11/12 - actually I'll have the birthday boy or girl do the honors. Good Luck ~Ann

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

White Pumpkin & Cupboard Redo

Last night I made this white pumpkin up very quickly from a tutorial I found at My Desert Cottage. It was super easy and I'm working on an orange one right now. They do take quite a bit of fabric and stuffing. Last week I was looking up at the space above my kitchen cupboards and realized how BAD it looked. I'd been "stealing" items to add somewhere else in the house without ever replacing them. Here's an embarrassing before:

Middle cupboard that angles and contains my spices. My favorite piece here is the Roseville Pottery pitcher and bowl, a gift from my college roommate several years ago.

Found the rusty scale at a garage sale for $1.50, thought that was a good buy - it doesn't work but that's okay with me. The Box on the right is my grandmother's crayon box. I love the fact that she wrote her name on the box.

I used to beg my mom and dad for this coffee grinder. I can remember my mom using it occasionally. There's a note in the draw that it belongs to me in my mom's handwriting. The candle mold is from my paternal grandmother. I really treasure this as I don't have very many things from my dad's side of the family.
A collection of tins I've had for years. I'm thinking of packing them away again, it's really too busy of a vignette for my taste.

In all these pictures you can see the ceiling paint break. These cupboards used to have a soffett above them. When we redid the kitchen they came out. We also added a wall in this area and moved the placement of the refrigerator resulting in additional counter top space - YEAH! There isn't much of that in my kitchen. I'm off topic - back to the paint. We need to get back to the paint! Sometimes we have a problem procrastinating and don't finish a project all the way. Neither one of us likes to paint ceilings so there it sits. It really isn't as noticeable in real life as it is in this picture. The flash really caught the break in paints.

I hope you are all having a good week. ~Ann