Tuesday, October 13, 2009

White Pumpkin & Cupboard Redo

Last night I made this white pumpkin up very quickly from a tutorial I found at My Desert Cottage. It was super easy and I'm working on an orange one right now. They do take quite a bit of fabric and stuffing. Last week I was looking up at the space above my kitchen cupboards and realized how BAD it looked. I'd been "stealing" items to add somewhere else in the house without ever replacing them. Here's an embarrassing before:

Middle cupboard that angles and contains my spices. My favorite piece here is the Roseville Pottery pitcher and bowl, a gift from my college roommate several years ago.

Found the rusty scale at a garage sale for $1.50, thought that was a good buy - it doesn't work but that's okay with me. The Box on the right is my grandmother's crayon box. I love the fact that she wrote her name on the box.

I used to beg my mom and dad for this coffee grinder. I can remember my mom using it occasionally. There's a note in the draw that it belongs to me in my mom's handwriting. The candle mold is from my paternal grandmother. I really treasure this as I don't have very many things from my dad's side of the family.
A collection of tins I've had for years. I'm thinking of packing them away again, it's really too busy of a vignette for my taste.

In all these pictures you can see the ceiling paint break. These cupboards used to have a soffett above them. When we redid the kitchen they came out. We also added a wall in this area and moved the placement of the refrigerator resulting in additional counter top space - YEAH! There isn't much of that in my kitchen. I'm off topic - back to the paint. We need to get back to the paint! Sometimes we have a problem procrastinating and don't finish a project all the way. Neither one of us likes to paint ceilings so there it sits. It really isn't as noticeable in real life as it is in this picture. The flash really caught the break in paints.

I hope you are all having a good week. ~Ann


  1. I love all of the tweaking you've done above your cupboards, Ann! It looks great! And I love the color of your cabinets! I'm sure you're not the only one with unfinished projects!! LOL I have a few myself!

    Take care,

  2. Looks great!! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Ann ~ Isn't it fun to re-arrange and re-do?!! I never move furniture, but I LOVE to move my other "stuff" all around the house. Love your new look, and I'm with you on painting. The longer I can put it off, the better! :0)

  4. I hate painting ceilings, too! I love the color of the cabinets. Did you use a tinted primer underneath?

  5. You got a GREAT deal on the rusty old scale. I paid $15 for mine and thought that was good!

  6. Everything looks really nice above your cabinets. I do love your candle mold. How very special that is. Painting? Yuck, I have some of that to do myself this winter.

  7. Love the color of your cabinets! Looks great all your re-arranging!

  8. Ann I love how you have everything arranged above your cupboards. My favorite is your coffee grinder. I have one from my mom but I would love to collect a few more.
    Enjoy your weekend,
    ps. I do hope you know that stitchery on my blog header is the one I got from you when we did our swap!

  9. Ann,
    I understand about not quite finishing. That has happened in my vanity area. At least with yours it is not so noticeable. I love your cabinet color and all your vignettes.
    Smiles, alice

  10. Ann ~
    I like your white pumpkin, it turned out great. I also like your cabinets & what you've place on them. I'm embarrassed to say that mine are way too busy with antique tins. I don't know what to replace them with. Thanks for sharing.


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