Friday, October 9, 2009

A few Halloween Decorations

I haven't shared any of my fall decorating with you yet. Here in NW Ohio it is the perfect day to stay inside and craft (and I have the day off school, but all my kids have school - YEAH!). It's rainy and dreary and cold. YUCK!

The wooden box and stitchery were garage sale finds. The stitchery is a little to "clean" for my liking, but I'll coffee stain it with the next batch of staining that I do. I thought it was perfect for 50 cents. I just can't get enough of my little candle lights. My only requirement is that they all have the dipped silicone bulbs in them. Shelf in the living room with all Halloween items on it. Love the Black! A couple of years ago I bought the pumpkin head with the feather tree sticking out of his head on a shopping trip with my friend Melissa of Farm Field Primitives. I just love him and look forward to getting him out of the box every year.

The last picture needs some contrast, sorry it's on a wall that is creamy colored and it just washes out. Found this pumpkin head guy last year at The Maggie Blair House in Liberty Center Ohio. His pocket is filled with sweet annie. Yes, he's sitting on a Christmas greenery ring but nothing else looked as good! The sifter was a lucky find at an antique store. I'd seen them for $$$ and wasn't willing to go there. At this one shop I found it for $18.00 and was jumping up and down with joy. What's the saying "Good things come to people who wait" does that apply in this situation?

I had to fix macaroni and cheese for 50 people yesterday. It is our turn to fix one of the 2 main dishes for our DD's Cross Country Team dinner tonight. I have my fingers crossed that it turns out well. Have a wonderful and creative weekend. ~Ann


  1. Your home looks so festive for Fall!
    Everyone seems to be decorating...yet I have yet to do too much!
    I guess I just like to look and "do" too much =)
    Good luck to your daughters CC team. Hope the weather turns out nice for them. My girls run tomorrow and need to rush back for homecoming...I'm looking forward to Sunday and some relaxation!

  2. Oh I wish they were...then we could meet.
    They are running in Medina this week. And then their NOL meet is in Galion next week! That one is my favorite place!

  3. Love all your decorations...especially the black shelf! Dianntha

  4. Great fall decorations. I also love those candles with the silicone bulbs and have them everywhere! Rainy, cold and YUCK in SE Michigan, too - yep, great day to stay inside.

  5. Your fall decor looks great. Love all pictures in this post , especially the first one.

  6. Ann, I think your fall decorating looks great. You certainly are a woman after my own heart because I love, love, love candles and yes, silicone bulbs too. :) My house has one in every window and about 3 to 4 in each room in addition to the ones in the windows. :) I never have to turn on a light at night becuase each room has a wonderful glow in it and you can see perfectly to get around because they give off just enough beauty.

    You'll have to let me know about some of your favorite prim shops because I too live in NW Ohio and would love to check out some new ones!

    Have a great weekend!

    Blessings and Perfect Prims,


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