Friday, October 2, 2009

Filling the Frames

One of my very first posts was about my addiction to picture frames. I just can't pass them up at garage sales or TS. Once home I remove the picture and glass and coat them lightly with a flat black spray paint. Then I switch to a brush and flat black latex paint, coating just once. Rough up the paint a little with sandpaper and rub on my favorite gel stain. These are some recent stitcheries that I did up for fall. The bittersweet vine is bittersweet pip berries that I attached to the stained stitchery.

Trick or Treat and boo I just free handed on my design and stitched up with embroidery floss.

Found the Harvest Crow as a freebie online - sorry I can't remember where, but it's on one of your blogs! Thanks for sharing it with us. The pumpkin is wool felt with antique buttons for eyes.

This last picture I had to share is one that my DH took. He recently went on a "boss lift" with the Ft. Wayne Indiana National Guard. One of the guys that works for DH is a National Guard member and nominated DH for this honor. He got to go up in a cargo plane for a midair refueling mission. He took the pictures of the F-16's after they were refueled. It was a once in a life time experience for DH - in 20 years of being a "boss" he's only received this honor just this once. He had a blast and was thrilled to be selected for this.

We've been very busy helping DD's class with their homecoming activities. I made an Indian costume for the mannequin on their class float. Hopefully we can "Smoke out the Indians." I love making Halloween costumes and this Indian costume was kinda like that. DD has a weekend off of Cross Country, but our 6th grade DS runs tomorrow morning in an elementary fun run. Have a great weekend. ~Ann


  1. Hmmm....that crow looks was my blog! lol sticksstitchesnboards.blogspot! lol I'm so happy to see that someone actually did one! Yours looks great in that frame- you've been busy- they all look great! Have a great weekend :)


  2. Your stitcheries are amazing!
    I am so impressed with people that can do this.
    That is an awesome picture of the jets...I bet it was an amazing experience!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. LOve your stitcheries. They are amazing!

  4. LOVE IT!! I think my favorite is tied between the wool pumpkin and the harvest crow!! I'll have to make the crow one myself. I am sure it will fit in one of my frames I have in the basement. (I too have a frame addiction)

  5. I love those stitcheries. You may have me talked into becoming a picture frame addict.LOl I just never thought of it that way. Great work!

  6. I do enjoy your stitcheries...I have so many that need a frame....I need to get with it. Dianntha


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