Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rug Hooking & a New Basket

Linda from The Wool Cupboard and I worked out a trade. She wanted a basket and I had been admiring her rug hooking kits. Isn't Barter great?! It took me a while to finish this up, but here it is done and in the frame I decided upon. I had originally thought I'd do a pillow with this design, but I just love this frame and the piece fit perfectly. A new basket that I will list on my 1803 Ohio Farm Baskets blog. It is a very functional basket, holds your salt and pepper shakers and napkins. I really need to find my Folk Art salt and pepper shakers to put in this basket!

Our DD(2nd in on front left) and her girlfriends before the homecoming dance. She was terrified that she would spill on her dress at dinner so she ordered a plain quesadilla! They all had fun and our DD was a grouch on Sunday from a lack of sleep. They all had a sleep over (are they too old to call it that now?) and I'm sure stayed up half the night talking. We of course got to pay the price!

One final note today, our youngest DS is 9 today. Happy Birthday Daniel. Too bad they had Ohio proficiency testing today. He is a ball of nerves and made himself sick over the test. His school called mine at 11:30 so I could come pick him up! His fist words when we were out of the building? "I kinda liked the test, there were cool stories that I had to read" ARGH! We love you Daniel! Have a great week. ~Ann


  1. Ann ~ The Willow House turned out great! I really like the way it looks framed! And, of course, I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my basket!:0)

  2. Carrie looks so grown up. How did that happen?? I love the rug kit. Makes me want to get the one I started long ago and give it a try. Happy B-day to Daniel. Hope he is better today. Talk to you later.


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