Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Display Chain

This is Misi's first Display Chain for this year.  I'm excited to see everyone's take on the theme this week which is Lion and Lamb (which she tells us is Sheep and Cats)

I would love to show you a picture of my little flock of black faced sheep.  The sheep that live in a little pasture out behind our house.  I'm dreaming - - I don't have any sheep!  I do have wool though.... 
 I have my current rug hooking project & extra wool stored in a wool drying basket that I made.  This is a loose interpretation of a wool drying basket - while it is larger in size and has 2 end handles, the base is woven in the same twill pattern as the sides - over 2 under 2.  Historically a wool drying basket had an open bottom - holes that allowed the water to drain off freshly washed wool.
 Close up of the legs that hold the basket off the floor and the twill weave pattern....
 My current hooking project - started on it in late August and hasn't made much progress!  During the school year, I don't get much hooking done.  (46 more days of school 'til summer break)

 A treasured rug that my grandmother made.....I love it, hole and all!  
How could my post be complete without these 2? Shadow looks like he could use a good shearing doesn't he?  Frito just looks well fed.
Be sure to click on Misi's name above and visit all the other entries for Lion and Lamb. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Cupboard

Last weekend, my daughter and I headed out for a shopping day.  She was looking for a prom dress and I was looking for antiques.  While she didn't find a dress, I found a new cupboard for our downstairs 1/2 bath.  
This cupboard is made from an old crate and barn board siding added to the front for a door.  I love it, it's dark brown and grungy/dirty looking.  

 Looking around for items to fill it with didn't take me long.  I bought the old bottle at Karen's of My Colonial Home when she had Christmas Open houses.  Tammy from A Primitive Place gave me the old clothespins tied with a scrap of blue coverlet in a swap.  
 In the same swap, Tammy made the square fabric covered boxes.  I love looking at my treasures knowing that my online friends have helped me decorate my home.
  I picked up the little brown chick last weekend at the same shop I found the cupboard at.  
Sitting under the cupboard is another fabric covered box - again from Karen's show with a beeswax bunny I bought on Etsy from Willow B Primitives 
I replaced this maroon hanging shelf and I'm really loving how the new cupboard looks.
Did you have a fun St. Patrick's day?  We didnt' do anything special - just stayed home and watched basketball.  We're cheering for our Buckeyes.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kitchen Simplify

In the effort that I started a couple of weeks ago to simplify my decor, I've rearranged my kitchen counters.  I had too much stuff sitting on the counters before.  These are all after pictures, I forgot to take the before.
Full view of the north side/sink side:

 Ah, less does really look and feel better....
 Do you see my under the cupboard radio?  I've had this for years and just can't give up having the radio on in the mornings while we are getting ready for school.  I don't need to listen for delays or cancellations as our school system uses an instant alert system that we receive on our phones.  I just need a little music to get me going for the day.
 If I knew that my family could deal with it, I'd add a fabric curtain or feedsack over my dishwasher.  I can hear the complaints now about access to the dishwasher....
 Hiding in the drawers are microwave popcorn and Carnation Instant Breakfast packets.
 A little spring wreath to add some color...
Speaking of spring - it sure felt like spring today in NW Ohio.  

Friday, March 2, 2012

Thank you Evelyn!

I need to give a big Thank you to Evelyn from Lee Hill Primitives, I won her last giveaway.  My husband comes home for lunch everyday and brings in the mail.  Anything for me is left on the corner of the kitchen counter.  This is what I came home to on Wednesday.  I'm not sure if Shadow was guarding my package against thievery or just hiding it.  

Everything all wrapped up nice and prim.

Evelyn included a great framed photo of George, a copy of the Declaration of Independence, a copy of Harper's Weekly, some Confederate Currency, a feather quill, ink well and a VERY cute prim bunny.

The bunny found a home on my counter by the egg basket full of egg gourds.  The bunny likes to hop around the house, as I've found him on the kitchen floor and in the living room.  I just can't imagine how he manages it!  
George is hanging above my Great-Great Grandfathers walking cane in the window alcove in the living room.

The documents and ink well/quill are now on my writing desk - that belonged to my Great Grandfather, son-in-law of the owner of the walking cane.  I think maybe the bunny is coming in here in his travels, because I keep finding the quill pen out of the ink well.  

Evelyn,  Thank you so much for the prim goodies, as you can see they fit perfectly in my house.  I appreciate our online friendship.  
Have a great weekend.