Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Cupboard

Last weekend, my daughter and I headed out for a shopping day.  She was looking for a prom dress and I was looking for antiques.  While she didn't find a dress, I found a new cupboard for our downstairs 1/2 bath.  
This cupboard is made from an old crate and barn board siding added to the front for a door.  I love it, it's dark brown and grungy/dirty looking.  

 Looking around for items to fill it with didn't take me long.  I bought the old bottle at Karen's of My Colonial Home when she had Christmas Open houses.  Tammy from A Primitive Place gave me the old clothespins tied with a scrap of blue coverlet in a swap.  
 In the same swap, Tammy made the square fabric covered boxes.  I love looking at my treasures knowing that my online friends have helped me decorate my home.
  I picked up the little brown chick last weekend at the same shop I found the cupboard at.  
Sitting under the cupboard is another fabric covered box - again from Karen's show with a beeswax bunny I bought on Etsy from Willow B Primitives 
I replaced this maroon hanging shelf and I'm really loving how the new cupboard looks.
Did you have a fun St. Patrick's day?  We didnt' do anything special - just stayed home and watched basketball.  We're cheering for our Buckeyes.


  1. I really like the new cupboard, too. Great find!

  2. What a perfect cupboard for a bathroom. I love what you filled it with. Goodies from friends. We went shopping yesterday. -Steph-

  3. Love your new cupboard, it looks great!

  4. Ann...that is too dang cute! And, I love all your fabric covered boxes and everything else. Good for you!

  5. Oooh lala that is one wonderful cupboard - love how you filled it!

  6. Hi Ann,
    What a great cabinet for just that special spot - isn't it fun when you actually find the 'right one'.
    I love all the things you have in it too...

  7. Love the look of your new cupboard, Ann. It looks perfect!


  8. Love the new cupboard and all the wonderful goodies it holds.Hugs,Jen

  9. Great cupboard, Ann!
    One of my biggest weaknesses is antique cupboards. I think it's because no one else will have one just like it.
    Hugs :)

  10. Love your new lil cupboard and you have it decorated so nice

  11. Love your new cupboard~!!! The bottle and clothespins fit perfectly!!!

  12. Oh! I love that cupboard and all the little goodies you have in and around it. I wish I knew how to find things like that where I live. (I tend to shop only in the town in which we live since we have nearly everything here, but I probably miss out on a lot of goodies available in other nearby areas.)

  13. Sweet old cupboard. Hubby is keeping an eye on the Buckeyes too.

  14. LOVE that little cupboard. I found an old Champion clothespin bag filled with the old pins from my MIL. After seeing yours displayed I think I will fill a glass jar and set them out. Nice post!

  15. Ann~ Awesome find~ love how you filled it up~ prim pretty goodies from friends~
    Worked outside in the flower beds Saturday then Sunday painted a bedroom~oh, and yes how can I forget I cleaned windows ya know kitty paws~
    enjoy the day

  16. Great find...a girl can never have too many cupboards...or goodies to fill them up with!

  17. I love that cupboard Ann! (Well, to be truthful, there aren't many old cupboards - or even just "old looking cupboards" I've met that I haven't loved....Wish I had more wall space to accommodate them!) A bath redo is on my list of projects too....sigh.... (Don't you hire out??) ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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