Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Love Fall!

I tell you all that I love fall and then start this post out with re-do pictures! Found these plates at Salvation Army store for a whopping 70 cents total. Both are wood, the top left plate appears to be "woven". I think it might have been a salad plate from a restaurant. The bottom right plate had "good bones", but a very un-prim design. I took them both outside and sprayed with flat black paint - the cheap stuff from Walmart. I did manage to miss my toes with paint, sorry they made it into the picture- the wind was blowing and I had to keep the paper down!

Finished plates after a coat of Dark Brown Briwax. I must tell you that I LOVE Briwax. I had to order it from ACE. After ordering it I found some in an antique store - why didn't I think to look there, I wouldn't have had to wait. I think it's much easier to use than stain. Thanks to all of you who recommended this product.

On to fall, I've found a couple of things on clearance lately - the best item being these fall berries at Michaels. I bought them with a different use in mind, but decided to wrap the strands around my twig tree and I really like the way it looks. I took 2 pictures, the first with the flash

and this second one without the flash. You might get a better idea of how they look here....

Last night we went to our DD's Cross Country banquet. We were very excited that she earned her Varsity letter as a freshman. DD is on the right, her friend in the photo is the other freshman who lettered, they both worked hard to achieve this goal. Both were also honored as scholar athletes. We are so proud of DD. Now girls, next year we expect to move out of districts!

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  1. Great job on the plates! Great garland from Michael's and Huge Congrats to your DD. Better get the checkbook ready for the Letterwoman's jacket!
    She is a very pretty young woman!

  2. Those plates look great. I have been wanting to try the Briwax, but haven't had a chance. I guess I need to get some 1st. Do you mind if I ask how much you paid for it?


  3. Hey Ann! How you be? I love what you did with those plates! I pass an Ace Hardware on my way to work -- will check if it is in-store -- I have yet to learn how to use that stuff! Sign me up for your birthday giveaway -- and Happy Birthday! So many b-days this time of year -- mine is in December.

  4. LOVE IT!!!!!!! I need to try this Briwax.. guess where I am going after work.... he he he.. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I've never heard of Briwax. I'm going to look for it though. The plates turned out so Prim!

  6. Ann, the plates turned out so nice...I wanted to say that yes I do go to the Early American home in findlay...I love looking at all her stuff. I also go to the been there? (in Findlay) Dianntha

  7. First let me say your daughter is darling! And congratulations to her getting her letter - that's always a huge thing in high school.

    Second...BRIWAX....don't get me started! We were in Pennsylvania a week and a half ago and thought NO PROBLEM...out there most every place would have it....NOT!!!! Not one place had it and some places never heard of it. Imagine. Finally we got a can at one of our favorite shops - the only place that had it and let me tell you we shopped high and low.

    So now it's on to trying it on things and like you...I WANT TO PUT IT ON EVERYTHING.


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