Sunday, November 29, 2009

Too much Christmas????

If you had asked me that question last year I would have told you a resounding "YES". You see, my friend Melissa from Farm Field Primitives and I hosted a primitive gathering called Christmas in the Country. We have hosted this show for 4 years (I think), but hadn't done it in several years. We decided last year to take the plunge and host this again. Since Melissa had always had it at her home I volunteered last year. Thought I'd share with you some pictures of my home all set for the open house. Above is my dining room, below my living room We had 3 total trees decorated, the two larger ones in the corners of the living room. You can see who the center of attention was! (picture below) Frito was NOT happy that his dry sink was moved away from the window and loaded down with "stuff". He jumped up and just lay down on everything that was in his way! I did have several offers by guests who wanted to take him off our hands. Glad that DH didn't hear that or he would have sent Frito packing! One gal carried him around the whole time she was at my house, did Frito mind? Not at all. Guess you can't have a primitive home show without the cat.

This year I actually have the desire to decorate my house! The open house last year was so much work, it kind of zapped the holiday spirit from me. Today I put up 4 trees, nothing on them yet other than the lights, but that's a start. Three of them are grouped together in my bedroom - 3', 4', 5' Alpine trees. I'm trying to figure out a theme for them. In the past I've made mini baskets to decorate them with, not sure if I'll dig them out or change my theme. As soon as I decide, I'll post a picture.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my Sister and Family and my Mom. My sister lives only about 16 miles from Karen from My Colonial Home so we attended Karen's open house on Friday night. We had a wonderful time and Karen's home is beautiful. All her items were just perfect and I have a few in my home now! Thanks Karen for inviting us.

Have a wonderful week. ~Ann


  1. Your decorations are looking nice and the kitty is a nice touch;)


  2. I just love Frito! What a cute kitty! I can imagine that you felt especailly over-loaded with all yuo had to do for the open house. I hope this eyar will be filled with peace and enjoyment for you. I look forward to seeing your Christmas decor.
    By the way, congrats on meeting Karen and getting to see her beautiful home in person.
    Have a great week!

  3. REALLY enjoyed looking at all of your pictures. It looked beautiful and plum full of wonderful prim goodies. Ah yes....a prim lover's dream. Wish I could have been there. Love your little kitty. He is too cute!!

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. Your home is beautiful.


  4. The decorations are beautiful! Great pics.


  5. I have heard that from other gals who have shops or do home shows as well. I hope indeed this year you do get to enjoy decorating.

    Yesterday was just amazing! To see all those homes, espcially the second one, was a dream come true for all of us. I know how blessed I am to live in NE. When I was in OH, I loved the old craftsmen style homes but they can't measure up to colonial styles!!

  6. I have done home shows in the past & enjoyed them, but I know that it is a lot of work. Hope that it was a good one for you. Merry Christmas & have fun decorating yourself.

  7. Ann,
    What a gorgeous house! Want to come help decorate mine? :)

  8. Good morning Ann - this is the first I've had a chance to get on the blogs and I thank you so much for mentioning our SHOW!
    It was such a pleasure meeting you and your family and I say that from my heart. Such a warm family.

    Well you know for certain that I can relate to the show in your home - what work they are and how zapped it leaves you. Glad you got your decorating done for this year.
    your home is beautiful! And I love Frito...they just don't get it when we change things do they...

    Hugs, Karen


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