Friday, November 6, 2009

Venison Anyone?

I'll get to the venison in just a minute!

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The plate that I showed you in the last post found a home under this candle and autumn candle ring on my dry sink - so far the cat hasn't knocked it off. If you remember, Frito thinks he owns the drysink. Many times anything that I place on the higher portion of it gets knocked off in disgust.

I finally found a candle stick that works better in this candle box that DH made me. GW had it - 50 cents. It was raw wood so I painted it black, sanded it and applied Briwax - yes I'm going to coat everything in my house with Briwax! The candle is a GS find - Modge Podge and cinnamon finished off with a coat of Acrylic sealer. I tied a piece of homespun around the candle and draped a small grapevine wreath around the candlestick. The candle box was one of those ideas that I saw in a magazine, showed it to DH and all I had to do was draw the sides how I wanted them. DH disappeared into the garage and within half an hour he was back with this beauty. I will tell you it was before Briwax, it has Minwax stain over 2 coats of paint - the first was black and then a dark gray.

Now on to the venison - I promise no gross pictures! Can you believe that this little, adorable, indoor only, gender confused cat (that's his Princess blankie he's sleeping on - in the dry sink) could possibly want to take down a deer?

We had a doe in the back yard last night. Occasionally we'll have them at the edge of the yard by the corn field, but last night this little doe was very close to the deck. Frito was sitting in the house having a tense moment, his tail was swishing back and forth while he was staring down the doe. DH opened the sliding door for him to go outside. Frito promptly ran outside but came to a halt at the edge of the deck. Ms. Deer and Mr. Frito stared at each other for a minute, she decided that he wasn't that big of a threat and continued eating! Eventually she wandered back into the corn and DH went out to bring the hunter back into the house. Have a great weekend ~Ann


  1. Ann I love the deer hunting story! CUTE....
    Sometimes our fury little animals just don't know what they are up against do they.

    Aren't creative/talented husbands wonderful? He made a great candle box for you.

    I like your plate decor - very pretty.

    Now I'm off to see your give away post!
    Hugs, Karen

  2. What a tough cat!! I'm sure he will tell his friends that he chased it away!! The candle box and plate look great. You'll have to give me tips on the Briwax. I have used it and am not too happy. Maybe it's the way I apply it~~who knows.

    Thought you might go to the game. Sounds like they aren't doing so well. Have a good weekend. Hope you enjoyed your couple of days off!!

  3. Ann,
    You have such a ferocious kitty, lol. Speaking of venison Simon just got a nice doe with his bow. We love the meat.
    Your husband did an awesome job ~ such a handy fellow to have around. I love Briwax & finish anything with wood with it. Kath turned me onto it & I never use stain anymore.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Well, perhaps he is a security cat. He did manage to keep that doe out of the house, didn't he? LOL It reminds me of the day our mini dachshund noticed there are horses in the field by our house. He took off like a bullet and ran out into that field, barking all the way. He got about 10' from those horses and came to a screeching halt. They walked toward him amd he walked backward all the way out of that field. DH and I laughed so hard but he has never ventured over there again.
    Love the candle box!

  5. Oh Ann that Frito is certainly "big and bad" especially on his princess blankie! LOL! Loved the story - what a character!


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