Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tallow Berries Anyone?

I just love Tallow Berries.  I thought I'd buy some on eBay, here's a photo of the auction

This is what I got

I'm fuming just a little bit!  Why on earth do they show a picture of several stems all held together and then I only get one?  The description does say that the auction is for a bundle of over 30+ stems.  My bad, live and learn with some eBay sellers.  I will not leave negative feedback - I'm just not going to leave any feedback. If I was selling one of something, I'd only show one of that item!! 

Does anyone have a source where I can purchase some?  (That come from a home that is non-smoking - another item that I neglected to pay attention to - the berries, box and packaging were all pickled in smoke)  I always just assume since we don't smoke and are honest that everyone is - am I naive or what?

Off to a Cross Country meet!  ~Ann


  1. how awful Ann...I would ask for a refund! I have never seen these berries before. very cute but when not engulfed in smoke! I know what you mean about that smell!! stinky!!

  2. I'm so sorry Ann you received such a skimpy order. How terrible that it smelled so bad of smoke. That is just awful. Better luck to you next time.

  3. Hi Ann...I couldn't email you, so came here to reply to your comment on my blog. Thank you for visiting my blog and for becoming a follower. I will take a closer look at your blog later...but did see and really like your little stitcheries! Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Ann,
    I'm so sorry you had such an awful experience on ebay with the tallow berries. I have loads of tallow berries growing in my back yard. I will send you some if you still need them. Please email me.

  5. Sherri, I tried to email you back, but Blogger is telling me that your email is not enabled. Can you email me? annfrank17@yahoo.com I would love to swap a basket with you for some tallow berries? Sound good? Let me know. ~Ann

  6. Stinky smoke! Here in IL, all indoor public places are smoke free ~ yippee! Looks like you found some new tallow berries! :-)

  7. Hi Ann,
    Guess What??
    .... Stop by my blog and see!! :)



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