Friday, October 1, 2010


When I started this blog almost 2 years ago, I shared the inspiration for the name of my blog.  Here's an excerpt from that post
One summer day Dad and I attended an auction "downtown". The auction was the accumulation of a lifetime of household "junk". Dad and I were having a good old chuckle over all the items being sold and commented several times "that should have been thrown out - who's going to buy that?" Up for auction comes a very large chore/utility basket with the entire bottom corner missing. At that point in my life (maybe I was 12 or 13) I certainly didn't want an old basket with a HUGE hole in it! I think about that day often, wishing I had that basket today in my home. It would fit perfectly and I could imagine all the work that the wife accomplished during her lifetime using that basket; carrying laundry to the line, picking apples, digging potatoes, hauling feed to the animals. Someday I will find a similar basket at an auction or antique store and it will grace my home. Dad isn't here anymore, but hopefully he'll be looking down from above laughing and saying "Why didn't someone throw that out?"

I found the basket with a hole in it!  It's not the same basket, not the same style or even size, but it's a basket with a hole in it!  I know my Dad IS saying "why did you buy that?"

It's a great antique basket that was used and used.  I have a thing about handles and this one is no exception  It's been worn smooth with handling. 
Even the god's eye on this side is beat up.  I know most people would throw this away and there are LOTS of people who don't understand my love and appreciation of this wonderful old basket - but I am happy!

In celebration of finding the "Hole in the Basket" basket, I'm having a little giveaway!  I will include this little wooden tray with orange putka pods and candy corn salt dough ornaments.  Sitting in the middle of this tray is a small pillar candle that I've blackened with beeswax and grunged up with spices.  The tea light is battery operated.  The glass bottle in the back has a label reading "1771 Magic Spell Remover"

I would like to add just a couple of "rules" to this giveaway -

1.  Sign up on this post only.
2.  You must be a follower of my blog - if you don't have your own blog that's ok, but you must follow mine!
3.  PLEASE DO NOT post this on your own blog,  I want this giveaway to be for my followers only.

I will draw a name out next Friday night and ship out the winnings right away so you have time to enjoy before October is over! 

Have a great weekend.  ~Ann


  1. Ann~

    Love the story about your auction experience. I too have been to auctions & think "Who would want that?", but that must me where the saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure" comes from. I have many treasures that some people would probably consider trash. I'm sure as you look back at that day, you have many fond memories.

    I'm a follower of your blog & would love to be entered to win your wonderful giveaway.


  2. Hey Ann,
    I love your's posts like this that stir up memories for most of us! It reminds me of some special times that I have shared with my Dad as well.
    I am a follower and please enter me in your giveaway.


  3. Hi Ann: Love the basket story! How special to remember those times with your Dad~~I'd love to be entered in your giveaway...what great prims!! Patti

  4. Hi Ann...special memories!! Please enter me in your great giveaway...I have been a follower!


  5. Love the basket. It looks like one of those things we might have fought over.

    PS Shadow would like your profile updated to include him. He feels neglected!!


  6. Love the story.
    I am a new follower of your blog
    Please enter me in your give away..

  7. I have a couple old baskets that have seen 'better days' myself. I can appreciate your appreciation of them. No one threw them away because they were still useful, and folks used what they had...not like today's throw away society.

    I would love to be entered into your drawing...very generous offering, Ann.


  8. Beautiful basket! Lovely story too. Please,enter my name in your giveaway.

  9. It is a wonderul basket...I have many well loved baskets....the new ones do not share the same charm!!

  10. Hi Ann, what precious memories you have!! I love the story and love the basket. So glad you found it. Love your giveaway items, please enter me. 8-)

  11. Love that story, thanks for sharing. I am a follower of your blog. Thanks for the chance and winning such a great prize!

  12. Hi Ann, What a wonderful story. I would even bet that your dad might have had a hand in you finding a basket with a hole in it. I too treasure the old baskets because of the stories they could tell. Mostly of the hard work they were designed to do. Please enter me in your awesome giveaway. I am a very happy follower.....Hope you have a great weekend....Hugs......Maureen

  13. It's me again Ann, I forgot to leave my e-mail address.......Sorry

  14. Hi Ann, what a great post....your love of baskets shows so clearly through that story...and the basket you are showing is a beauty - hole and all - it does show the wear from the use, and rightly so...someone used it because it was a utilitarian see it differently. You see the life it led.

    Thanks for a great post AND PLEASES ENTER ME IN YOUR GIVE AWAY!

    Hugs, karen

  15. Ann,
    Please enter me into the giveaway! I love the little candy corn in the box. Did you make those?

  16. Love the story..please enter me

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  18. HI Ann,

    Please enter me in your giveaway! Love the story about you and your dad and your basket search!


  19. HI Ann
    I love your story. Isn't it nice to have such great memories.
    Please enter me in your giveaway. Your grouping is so nice.


  20. I love the story of your dad and the basket. What a treasure!
    I would love to enter your giveaway. Thanks for the chance (I am a follower).

  21. Thanks so much for entering me in your giveaway!
    Like you, I just adore all the saved and discovered treasures!
    Busy Hands...Happy Heart


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