Monday, October 18, 2010

A new Shower Curtain

Earlier this year, when we were remodeling our kids' bathroom, I was grumbling about the cost of the shower curtain that I wanted. (Orginal post can be found HERE) I decided to take matters into my own hands and make one.  Of course, I had lots of help measuring! 

Thank you Frito!  Shadow isn't in these pictures because I made this prior to his arrival at our house, whew...I might have had too much help!

 I had seen a curtain similar to this one in Country Sampler, but just couldn't bring myself to pay the $88.00 for it.  If I couldn't sew, maybe...  My friend Melissa (Farm Field Primitives blogspot) and I took a shopping trip early in the summer and I found the perfect material for the curtain. 
I used three different fabrics; a navy windowpane homespun, a solid navy and a solid butter colored cotton. The butter colored fabric is actually  folded over and it hangs over the navy.  I used grommets for the top - never used those before, but they were fun and easy to do.  Sorry I can't get a large picture of the curtain, but the bathroom is so small I can't get far enough away to get a better picture - you'll just have to imagine it - or come over and I'll give you a tour of the bathroom!  

I mentioned on the last bathroom post that I needed to make a basket to fit between the mirrors, which I did.  I made a large sized weed pouch, tied it with the leftovers from the curtain and attached a cream colored star to the front of the basket.   

 Check this out!  I have new tallow berries thanks to my follower  Sherri (no blog).  Sherri read my last post about my purchasing tallow berries on eBay and she sent me a whole box of them.  THANK YOU Sherri!  I love them and have them all over in different baskets. 
 To thank Sherri for her kindness, I made her this tote basket that she can carry to work.  Sherri it should be to you by Saturday. 
I have to leave you with an update on Shadow.  He's home from his surgeries, he's now an "it" and has no front claws.  He is feeling much better this week and is tearing around the house causing havoc.  Frito missed him terribly while he was gone for 2 nights/3 days (sounds like a vacation - don't you think?  Shadow will tell you it was NOT a vacation!)  Now that he doesn't have those daggers he's not nearly as terrifying! 

Hope you are all having a good week.  ~Ann


  1. Love the shower curtain. The baskets are too cool. Aww...Shadow and Frito look so content. Have a great evening.


  2. What a sweet pic of the cats. They look like best buds :)

    I love your shower curtain, I think it turned out perfect!

  3. Love the shower curtain. Good choice of colors. Nice job.
    The tallowberries are most awesome but I still don't know much about them! Are they natural or artificial?

  4. The curtain turned out it. Don't tell Frito, but it sure looks like he likes his new friend.

  5. Love your shower curtain and basket. You did a great job on them. Love the tallowberries. I guess she grows them?? Your kitties look so sweet in the last picture!!

  6. Everything looks lovely! Especially the kittehs!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. Great job on the shower curtain.... inpirational... makes me want to make my own now. I have a clawfoot tub and usually have to buy 2 to make a good fit, but this way I can make it fit perfectly. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Great job on the shower curtin. I can't sew a stitch, so I envy anyone that can. The fabrics look perfect together. I especially love the picture of Frito and his best buddy Shadow....The basket with the tallow berries is awesome. Just the right accent for the room. Hope you have a good week......Maureen

  9. Awwww - so happy that Shadow did well in his operation. So happy for Frito to have his Buddy back! That one pic is priceless.

    Love your shower curtain - you are so lucky you sew - I had to pay for mine in a homespun material! Not exactly what I wanted but it will do! Love your bathroom re-do


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