Monday, November 1, 2010

Blanket Crane

I have been wanting a blanket crane for awhile now, after seeing several of them in homes that I admire.  I printed the directions from Kris's Blog, Simply Prim.  You can find the tutorial for the blanket crane here.  Thanks Kris for the directions.  I did have my husband change the plans just a little.  I wanted the crane part to actually swing, so he made it that way, rather than stationary. 

I painted it black with a coat of taupe and then finished with a coat of dark brown Briwax.  I found the coverlet at the Thrift Store.  It was a silent auction item that I was lucky enough to win.  I love the colors, antique white, mustard and brown. 

My living room is so boring and this helped bring it some character.  I'm working on that room, but just can't get it like my kitchen/eating area.    I'm thinking that I need a mantle/fireplace like this one. 
This is in my brother & sister-in-laws house. 

My brother put in an actual fireplace.  When we were growing up in this house, there was a door to the outside where the fireplace is.  He built a brick chimney and the hearth surround.  I love the simplicity of the whole thing.  I also think it screams primitive.  Unfortunately for me, my husband isn't willing to build a chimney!  I'll have to settle for a fake fire, but I'm sure working on selling the idea of a mantle - wish me luck! ~Ann


  1. Love your blanket crane! I can't believe you found that coverlet at the thrift store! Wowzer

  2. Score! What a great find and win!
    What an awesome husband who would build this for you! It is perfect!

  3. Ann, I love the blanket crane. I am wanting one so thanks for the link to the instructions, now to get Hubby to find time to build it. 8-) I also want a mantle, I will have to do a fake fire due to asthma but I have seen some that look pretty real. Maybe we will both get our mantles. 8-)

  4. Love that blanket crane. I had no idea what that was when I started to read the post! I think I might need one.


  5. Good morning Ann!

    Your blanket crane turned out beautiful.
    I have been trying to talk my husband into making one for over our fireplace but it's not getting through to

    I have her instructions from when she first posted it - but not ever making it I have this question: Do you think the pattern can be made a little larger? The space on the wall above my fireplace is quite large.

    Have a great day.

  6. Love the blanket crane and the coverlet too!

  7. That's some fun stuff! I love all your baskets. Your mantle is so pretty.
    I have to have fake fire, too. But that's okay because it's so hot here...there is no need for a real one! :)


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