Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weaving Weekend

Thursday afternoon I drove to Shipshewana, Indiana (1 1/2 hour west of my house) to join with 18 other basket weavers for a weekend of weaving, shopping and fun.  Jody came the farthest - over 4 hours away in Illinois and several gals from the Heritage Weaving Guild in the Dayton area joined us as well. 

When I drove into town this great big basket welcomed me!  I knew it had to be a good omen for the weekend. 
 While I didn't make any baskets this big, I did accomplish quite a bit. Thursday afternoon and evening I made the following:

The three small baskets in the front will go on my basket themed Christmas tree.

Friday I finished the large magazine basket with the decorative accents in the back and wove the other small to medium baskets in this photo.  2 of the small baskets will go on my basket themed Christmas tree.  The other small basket is a "gift" to a friend.  She gave me the kit for it, because she doesn't like making small baskets - I made it and it will be returned to her tomorrow. 
This is all I got done on Saturday!  I look like a slacker.  LOL.  I did make 2 trips into town on Saturday ( I never left the retreat center on Friday - I guess it shows) 
If you've never heard of Shipshewana Indiana, it's home to a huge flea market in summer time, antiques and crafts all year long.  It has a very large settlement of Amish in the area, lots of buggies and bicycles on the roads. 

The combined total for my 3 days of weaving.  Now I just need to stain and paint these to finish them up.  17 total baskets!  Yeah. Not only did I weave all these baskets, I taught my friend Barb how to text!  Barb is now a texting queen!  
Have a great week.  ~Ann


  1. Your baskets are awesome. I love Shipshewana, I go there often, I have quite a few posts on my blog with great pictures. I am about 3 hours away and am considering moving there next fall.

  2. Great baskets and a lot of fun!

  3. Hi Ann, You sure were a busy weaver over the weekend. The baskets are just beautiful. You have inspired me to keep weaving......Have a great week......Maureen


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