Sunday, November 14, 2010

Auction Find

On a cold, windy Saturday in March, we stopped at our first auction for the year.  I wasn't really sure I wanted to stop, the house was a DUMP but my husband persuaded me and this is one of 2 pieces of furniture that I picked up that day. 
 The marbled doors are actually contact paper - didn't realize that until I got home.  Started thinking about having punched tin panels custom made for the doors...
 The drawer fronts had a lovely art deco design routered into them and beautiful handles! (sorry I'm just kidding - UGLY!) 
 For some reason, the shelf inside was cut in half, so the left side didn't have a shelf.  Lots of extra contact paper and something wrapped in tin foil under the right side shelf. 
 A very nice surprise when I unwrapped the foil package.  It was the door panels!  Not crazy about them yet - the tin punched panels still sound really good!

 We spent the better part of today finishing this piece so it was house ready.  Over the summer when we had time, we worked on preparing it in the garage, so today it was just the finishing to tackle. 
 Close up of the piece.  I REALLY like it now - even the doors have grown on me - I'm keeping them.  Punched tin will have to be in some other piece, later on down the road.

My husband planed down the drawer fronts until they were smooth, which led to another problem.  The exposed wood wasn't worn like the rest of the piece.  He made up a custom color of stain and brushed on.  It's perfect! 

We painted the inside with left over paint from some project or another, can't even remember!  Good use of left overs.  Our 10 year old even did some painting in there - he loves to paint. 

We moved several pieces of furniture today, making room for our new piece.  This small wall is between the sliding doors in the kitchen and the dining room.  I just love the simplicity of the piece. 

The mirror is an antique my Mom gave me, the primitive broom was a GW find and I made the candle sconces over the summer from items I found at the TS.  The sconces started out their lives as a vertical welcome sign and a note pad holder!  I didn't make them to be hung together, so one is longer than the other - we'll have to fix that over the Christmas holidays. 

Have a good week ~Ann


  1. Ann, I absolutely LOVE your cabinet makeover. What a difference!! Nice work!!!!

  2. Great job on the makeover piece! Love it!


  3. You did an awesome job on that cabinet!
    Who would have thought that it could
    look this good?

    Bear Hug~Karen

  4. What a beautiful make over! I love how it turned out!
    I think it's great that your husband wanted to go to the auction....if I had mentioned to mine that I didn't really want to go, he'd have driven right on by without asking twice. :):):)
    Have a great day!

  5. Fabulous piece Ann. You made it come back to life.

  6. What an amazing transformation!!!! It looks amazing!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  7. It looks great!! Have a happy birthday!!

  8. It looks gorgeous Ann! Thanks for sharing the transformation.

  9. Wow ~ what a great finish! It looks great in that spot. I like the sconces, too. I'm searching for some that I can re-do for my dining room, but haven't found any cheap enough yet.

  10. Wow! What a great find! You did an awesome job on them. Congrats!

    Dawn from The Pip Berry Tree

  11. Good Morning Ann....what a gorgeous piece of furniture.
    Tin would look just lovely in those doors!!!!
    You both did a super wonderful job of restoring.
    See you in a couple of weeks, is mom coming too?


  12. Hi Ann, Great job on the cabnet!!!! It looks perfect in your home. This is now a treasured piece of furniture. Maureen

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog, yes
    bittersweet is poisonous, that is why
    I decided to leave it in the box..Chum
    probably won't bother it, next year,
    but he is still a kitten and he wants
    to help with every thing and he dives
    into bags, etc...Most of my house plants
    are, too..I put some of them back out
    on the patio, he only seems to bother
    the things that you bring in the house.
    I was just looking at all the baskets
    that you made, they are awesome! I am
    looking forward to seeing them all
    stained. I hope you are having a great

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  14. It turned out so wonderful. I like how you kept paint on the could anyone love to paint???lol Dianntha


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