Friday, November 19, 2010

Free Primitive Quilt Patterns

While I was out "blog hopping" about a month ago, I found Quilts by Cheri.   Cheri has been designing quilt patterns for some time, but only recently started a blog.  She has offered 2 free quilt patterns on her blog, found here

This first one is a small holiday pattern. The small blocks are only cut at 1", I was a little hesitant, but I'm glad I tried my hand at this small piecing. I Love how it turned out. I need to add a halo to my angel and quilt it yet, but all the other wool applique is on. Have I ever told you I LOVE to blanket stitch? I'm serious, I could sit and blanket stitch all day long, it's so relaxing, so the applique part of this quilt (and the next one) is my favorite part. 

This second pattern is actually the first free pattern Cheri offered, it's called Soots and Ashes.  Cheri did hers in blacks and grays.  I chose a brown/taupe/burgundy combination.  I do not have all my wool cut to applique onto this one.  You REALLY need to visit Cheri's blog to see this one finished up. Mine doesn't do the finished one justice, I just had to show off what I've done so far. 
I think Cheri started posting directions for this quilt back in August, and every few days she would add directions for a new block. They are easy blocks and go together quickly.

I hope you all have a good weekend.  ~Ann


  1. Hi Ann - I'm totally thrilled with Cheri's free patterns too! I haven't started the holiday one yet, but I have Soot & Ashes all pieced and sewn together - need to get the applique on there. I did my version in reds and creams - I really like your colors too! Thanks for sharing your picture

  2. Both of your quilts look fabulous!!!

  3. I too saw the first freebie pattern but nerves got the better of me! I just love how yours turned out!
    Maybe in the new year I'll have a go!
    Best wishes

  4. Ann----I thought I should let you know that your cats have been messing with the computer again! lol...thanks so much for your cute note! Sure made me chuckle!


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