Sunday, November 28, 2010

A long distance swap

 I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!  We traveled from our little corner of NW Ohio to the Milwaukee area for Thanksgiving with my sister & her husband, their 3 little ones and our Mom.    

A few posts ago, I highlighted the new blanket crane that my husband made me.  Karen (My Colonial Home blog) commented that she would love to have a blanket crane one day.  
 I just happened to have 2 extra ones - my husband went a little overboard making them!  (Yes Melissa, I have one left if you want it, but like Karen you have to finish it!)  Knowing that we would be in WI for Thanksgiving, Karen and I worked out a swap. 

I just love the goodies that she made me.  If you don't have any of Karen's stitching, all I can say is - You Should!  Her stitching is perfect and the detail is amazing - something that really can't be captured to show up in photos and online. 

After our swap, Karen and her husband Doug and my husband and I went out to breakfast and then attended a local craft show.  The venue was very cool - it was a  Y camp that had cabins situated in the woods and each cabin had one or two crafters set up in it.  They had fires burning outside among the cabins and the cabins were connected  by boardwalks so the walking was easy.  Unfortunately for us, the craft part of the craft show wasn't as cool!  Lots of polar fleece people and cutesy painted things.  Not really my taste or Karen's either.  We did have a good time walking and chatting and I think our husbands had a good time getting to know each other too. 

After leaving Karen and Doug, we stopped at a consignment shop in Mukwonago WI and LOOK what I found!  The Folk Art lamp.  Happy Day. 

 I will have a Cyber Monday special on my other blog - 1803 Ohio Farm Baskets.  You can visit that blog by clicking the link in the upper right hand corner of this blog. 

Have a great week.  ~Ann


  1. How wonderful that you two got to meet and swap goodies!

  2. Sounds like such a fun time. I LOVE the lamp. And lets's see, would I like the blanket crane? Ummmmm......yes, if I can find a place for it. Glad you had a good time with everyone!!

  3. How wonderful Ann.
    It is always nice to meet our blogging friends in person.
    Loved the swap goodies.
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Your trades from Karen look wonderful!!!

    And score on the FOlk Art lamp! Lucky you!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Sounds like you had a great time! So neat to meet blogging friends also! The craft show sounds like such a fun set-up, too bad they were not nicer crafts.
    Have a great day!

  6. What a cool idea - love the swap idea - you both made out! Love the items you got

  7. Good morning Ann,
    Sorry I haven't been here sooner - I haven't been blogging lately with trying to get my orders finished.

    I have my Pewter displayed but haven't painted my blanket crane yet - Doug is going to do it this coming weekend.

    Thanks for such a nice post!!!!
    Hope to meet again someday and in your area and we can see some nice shops there - we are lacking them in my area.



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