Friday, June 11, 2010

Bathroom Redo

Remember my Bug Bathroom?  This was great when my kids were little, but now they are growing up and we need a more mature look.

I'm almost done with the redo and couldn't wait any longer to post pictures.
If you look closely you'll see that the molding is not completely done yet.  Just a few more pieces and it will be complete.  The star behind the toilet is a piece of scrapbook paper!  I found it one day while I was shopping and just had to purchase it.  It did take awhile to find a frame, but it worked perfectly. All for a total of $3.00!

The two mirrors below are the ones that we cut from the large mirror in the above picture.  I painted the mirror frames blue and gave them a coat of dark brown Briwax.

We put wainscotting up halfway on the walls and all the way up to the ceiling behind the mirrors.  I think I'm going to make a basket to hang in between the mirrors, long and thin.  

 I do want to paint the cupboards to match the trim, but school just got out!  Maybe next week I can work on those...

The one thing that I am not happy with is my shower curtain.  It used to be white and I decided to dye it tan/dark brown.  It didn't work so well.  It does not match at all.  I've been looking for a Navy one online.  Anyone purchase one that you can recommend?  I may end up making one, as the one that I like is almost $90.00.  That just seems a little high to me.   

I do have to make a curtain for the window, not sure yet what it's going to be


  1. Its looking really good Ann. You are being very creative and frugal with this make over. I am a huge fan of beadboard and chair rail. I would have it in every room of my house if my hubby would let me. I don't know why shower curtains have to be so darn expensive. Good luck finding the perfect one.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  2. The bathroom looks great. I love the star picture and mirrors!! Isn't it great to have such a handy husband??

  3. Oh my gosh Ann!!!
    I LOVE it!!
    So prim and fantastic!
    I love the colors you have used.... the walls and trim and accents. Oh yes!! I all looks primtastic!!
    And what a wonderful idea with the star scrap book paper. May have to steal that idea!!! Heeehee!
    Seriously girl, you have done a wonderful job.

  4. The bathroom looks fantastic! I really like all the details. I blogged about our bath remodel last October 7th. I got our shower curtain and matching valance from the Country Porch. Here is the link There are 7 pages of shower curtains! I paid only $40 plus shipping. Hopefully you can find something there!

  5. Love the redo and the colors and the wainscoting really looks nice.
    I was thinking of doing that in mine and I definitely like the look. That is the shade I was looking for, but my husband came back with a lot brighter yellow;)


  6. So far so very good! I love the wainscoting so much and the star accents.

    What a great idea you can make a long basket to fit between the mirrors!


  7. A true transformation! I think I'd ues that room to just sit a spell. So relaxing and peaceful.

  8. Love it - would love the molding and bead board in mine too - Can I borrow your husband when he's done! What a transformation!

  9. What a difference.....looks great!

  10. I really like your bathroom makeover :) We did the same with ours, wainscotting half way up and behing the sink I went all the way to the ceiling. I then had a small crown molding wrapped around the bathroom. I am soooo pleased with the outcome :)

    I found a site the other day who sold handmade shower curtains, but it's too find who she was now...

    FOUND IT! Copy and paste this link and it will take you to her picturetrail...

  11. I love how the mirrors turned out. Makes me want to re-do our bathroom mirror. For a shower curtain, try looking at Joann for material. There might be some clips you could use instead of sewing button holes to hang it. I managed to grab a plaid shower curtain at Big Lots several years ago, and only paid about $10.

  12. wow Ann, just love what you did with this bathroom. Also thought the scrapbook paper was a great idea. It really prims things up. I think wainscoting is a nice touch to a room. It adds such charm and warmth. The colors that you chose were fantastic...Maureen

  13. Wow! That is awesome!! I love the new look, Valerie

  14. What a transformation! I really looks amazing~ and inspiring too! I have a kitchen and two spare bedrooms that need to get done!


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