Monday, June 21, 2010

My newest Treasures

Do you have favorite garage sales that every year you make plans to stop at?   I have one and scored big this year.  I am very happy with my treasures - if I had been just a little earlier I could have beat out another gal who likes prim items.  I see her at several garage sales and she had a couple of bagfuls checking out when I arrived.  Thank goodness she left the above items.  The mini chair is now #3 in my collection and it's a real antique - 50 cents! 

Found this cute little crock at the TS.  I fell in love with the blue band on the top.  The writing says Win Schuler Restaurants - love the cheese spread - but can do with out the wording on

And my favorite item....

A friend and I were antiquing between our sons' baseball games a few weekends ago.  I found this great tall brown bottle.  I ordered a new label for this one, from Natalie at Blue Cupboard Primitives I roughed it up and tore off the corners.  I thought a corn cob would make the perfect stopper with this label.  Natalie also has some new Halloween labels on Ebay.  Be sure to check them out.



  1. WOWSERS Ann!!!
    You got some awesome goodies!!
    And that chair OMGosh!!!! What an amazing price. You were one lucky girl!!!

  2. very nice....yes, I have favorite sales every year. got two black lanterns this year. Linda
    ps---I love the shade. It is so me!

  3. Everything is great but that chair, I LOVE that!

  4. Wonderful treasures!!! Love the brown bottle!

    Thanks ever so much for stopping by to visit and saying hello :)



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