Friday, June 25, 2010

Swap Goodies

First I need to congratulate Karen from Cedar Creek Primitives - she won my Prim Pattern Passalong.   These are patterns that I either didn't use, won from another giveaway or have used and won't use again.  I wanted them to go to someone in blogland that would use them.  Have fun Karen!   

In the mail today I received some swap goodies from my new blogging friend, Jody from Star Spangled Pretties.  We decided to have a one on one swap.  Check out these cool signs that I got from Jody.....

FARMHOUSE is hanging over my pantry.  Nothing has been up here, just couldn't find the right item.  YEAH!  Now I have a great sign. 

The kids bathroom needed a sign too.  This is the bathroom that we've recently redone.  "Star Soap Co." is perfect over the window in this room.  If you remember from my posting of the redo, there are several stars in this bathroom so the sign is perfect. 

I finally put up a curtain too.  It was really hard to make!  I'm kidding.  I coffee stained a flour sack towel and laid it over the tension rod.  No sew!  I still need to paint the window to match the rest of the trim. 

This little owl was my 3rd swap goodie from Jody.  I shared with Jody that when I was growing up my friends' grandmother was my surrogate grandmother, as I was grandparent-less.  Grandma Gould had a collection of owls and whenever I see one, I think of her.  I wish that I had one of her owls, but I don't.  This is my second prim owl in honor of Grandma Gould. 

I made this one as my first in the collection (Oh boy did I just say that?  Another collection????  shh... dont' tell my husband) from a Brenda Gervais, With thy Needle & Thread design - It's A Hoot! 

The cross stitch on this one is tiny,  over one thread on 28 count linen.  I don't think my eyes are what they used to be. 

Have a wonderful weekend.  ~Ann


  1. Whoooo hoooo I am doing the happy dance!!! Well I would be if my back wasn't jacked up lol. Thank you so much Ann! I can't believe I won!! BTW I love your new prims!

  2. wonderful owls and perfect for your collection.
    I need to make some signs for my doors, love the look of them.


  3. Hi Ann! Your Hootie Owl turned out GREAT! Yes, those stitches are so very tiny! LOL! Love the owl from Jody too... is that from a pattern, do you know? The signs are great too... I like the Star Soap one... have a wonderful Summer day!

  4. I love your signs, they look great
    where you put them. Your owls are
    cute, too! Have a great week....

    Bear Hugs~Karen


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