Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy 4th!

I purchased this flag bunting several years ago.  It's nice, but it's really red, WHITE and blue.  I haven't even used it for the past couple of years because I wasn't happy with how it looked. 

Last time I stained baskets with my boiled black walnut dye I had some left over so I decided this was going into the dye pot! 


I think it may have faded just a tad and needs to be re-dyed soon.  Our front porch faces South so there is plenty of sun on the bunting almost all day long.

Am I bragging when I tell you that everything on the front porch is from a garage sale or an auction? (with the exception of the bunting)  Do I sound like a redneck hillbilly?  Hope not!!!

The black kettle is the only thing that I did not buy - my Mom gave it to me last time we were in NY.  She likes to load up our truck before coming home, I always come home with lots of new treasure!  Thanks Mom.

I'd like to make a make-do chair, but don't' want to use this one.  I'm on the lookout for another one to use inside.  Found this one at a church rummage sale. 

Oops!  I forgot about these flowers - they did come from a prim store.  I love them, the look so real - maybe better than real.  I've wanted some for a couple of years.  A few weeks ago a friend and I were shopping and I decided that I'd waited for them long enough.  The crock holding the geraniums was 50 cents at a garage sale.  It's glued back together in the back.  I really don't care - no one can tell from the front that the back is in really bad shape!

This next crock was a whole $5.00 at an auction.  My friend Melissa is showing on her blog where she got one at an auction for $13.00.  I guess I beat her price!   I must admit that hers does have a great bee sting motif on it where mine is just the number 6 inside a crown. But wow $5.00 I couldn't believe I got it for that.   

Have a Happy 4th of July weekend!  ~Ann


  1. Hi Ann!
    WOW! Your porch looks wonderful and so 4th of July festive!!
    And my gosh, what bargins you got on both of your crocks.
    I have some "white" flag bunting also.
    I need to try staining them. I too dont really care for mine because they are really white.
    Of course, mine arent as large as yours!!
    I LOVE yours!! :)

    Have a fabulous and Safe 4th of July weekend!!

  2. The porch looks awesome. I finally found a little garden flag that has cotton in it so I could actually tea dye it. I like it much better.

  3. Your porch looks very nice and what a deal on the crock..I have a flag like yours and soaked it in ritz dye and it came out great..Oh, and how lucky you are that you can go visit your mom and come home with a whole stash of goodies..It's like Christmas..LOL..Have a great weekend..

  4. Ann your porch looks wonderful! What great bargins you found at your yard sales! Happy 4th!

  5. Love that everything (almost) is from a tag sale - best way to shop - you find treasures and i think you end up doing fun things with them as opposed to buying "new"! Love your bunting too - i'm with you - not a lover of things too white, too red, too blue!


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