Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Friday Finds

Last Friday, my friend Melissa from Farm Field Primitives and I went on a Prim Shopping Day.  What fun we had. 

I drove over to Melissa's house at 7:30 for an early start to our day.  We haven't seen each other in months so we had to get an early start to fit in all our catching up!  Melissa gave me a birthday present and I love everything. 
She made me this little pumpkin doll, a pattern from TFC, a cute sampler that she cross stitched and some yarrow that she grew. 

This little pumpkin doll is just too cute!
The sampler says " Tis a gift to be simple"  I love it.  Melissa chose different elements from a larger sampler and made her own pattern for this!  There's a little sheep to the left of the house - she knows that I love sheep.  Thank you Melissa.

If you follow Melissa's blog you'll know that she just scored at GW when she found several pieces of Pfaltzgraff Folk Art.  If you remember, I also have this same pattern and never find any at the TS or GW.  As she had plenty of these bowls - they are now mine.  Thanks Melissa!

Now we are finally on our way to Findlay Ohio, about an 1 1/2 from our homes.  We thought we might find some garage sales to stop at on the way.  We didn't.

Our first stop in Findlay was Salvation Army. 

Melissa walked around the corner in the housewares department and let out a gasp!  Guess what was sitting there?  Folk Art!  This day just keeps getting better.
We divided up the find, I took the deviled egg plate and the bread pan. 

I also found these cute little bottles - 50 cents apiece, I couldn't pass them up. 

Next stop was a garage sale in Findlay.  Another score!  The gal was selling her salt glazed pottery.  I decided on 3 pieces - we both bought a pig crock - not crazy about the pig,
but turned around to the back it's much better.

The other 2 pieces are joining my collection of mini salt glazed pottery pieces on our clock.
Next stop - our favorite store - Early American Home

Barb has the best taste in stocking her store. 

I didn't buy anything too exciting here, a can of black paint (Olde Century of course), a new cross stitch pattern and a hanging candle hook.

Last stop was Jeffery's Antique store - it's a big building with lots of vendors - we always find something in here. Without any fighting, hair pulling or pinching we each came out with an arm full of Folk Art.   I bought the one dinner plate that was there, 7 sandwich plates, salt and pepper set and we split the custard cups. 

What a great day we had. I got home and filled my dishwasher with new dishes! 

Have a great day.  ~Ann 


  1. Ann, Looks like you have a WONDERFUL day with Melissa. You guys got some great Folk Art! I collect this pattern too - really hard to come by in Oklahoma! Love all your wonderful new prims.. the gifts from Melissa are my favorites! Thanks for sharing your fun!

  2. Great pics Ann. Looks like you both had a great time! love the little pumpkin doll too!

  3. That truly was a great day! Congrats on all of the FolkArt finds!

  4. You two scored BIG TIME! I also collect Folk Art pattern. Love all the pottery you found.

  5. Ann - looks like a wonderful fun day - love your gifts from your friend! Let me know what you are looking for in the Folk Art collection - i often see that pattern at yard sales and thrifts - be glad to pick something up for you. My SIL used to have that pattern but gave it all away - she likes Corelle (can you image! LOL)

  6. A good day, indeed! Great finds!

  7. Hi Ann,
    Sounds like you two had a wonderful day!!

    Love all your finds and your gifts.


  8. Great finds! I just asked a store to send me a paint sample for Olde Century barn red. Is the sheen on more of a semi gloss, satin, or flat?

  9. Great finds! I see those dishes around here often, funny...I remember them the first time around! Glad that you scored so many of them! Love the crocks and your gifts! Sounds like you had a great day!



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