Friday, February 19, 2010

Trashy Swap Arrived Today!

I signed up with Char at The Pickled Pepper Patch for the "Trashy Swap" she arranged.  My partner was Tammy from A Primitive Place and my oh my did she out do herself. 
Everything on the top of this dresser came from Tammy today.  WOW is all I can say.  When I opened the box the wonderful smells of sweet annie and spices wafted up and filled my kitchen with anticipation of good things to come. 
Tammy made these wonderful rabbit salt dough "cookies" - they smell so good and it was hard not to take a bite!  I added them to my wood bowl that holds dried black walnuts and a blackened beeswax candle.  I like to change out things in this bowl for the seasons and holidays.  What a great spring addition and they look great with the walnuts.

This little makedo was created from a candlestick found at GW and an antique blue coverlet that made the little bunny.  He has a little egg backpack that is filled with sweetannie.  How cute is this? It fits perfectly in my grain sifter. Disclaimer - I'm using this backwards!  Tammy made it for me to turn the other way around, but I like all the bunny showing.

The bowl with bunnies and the makedo share the same area in between the kitchen and dinning room.  They are the perfect prim addition to this area. 

Tammy found this wooden bowl at GW.  It used to have a foot on the bottom, but she sanded it off, painted it black and distressed it.  A hole drilled in the edge allows this to hang.  I am using it to cover the unused phone jack in the kitchen.  Perfect!

On the far right of my countertop shelf you'll see a cute little sheep.  Tammy made this herself using plaster.  Thinking about pantry cakes  she turned the sheep into a spice covered cake wrapped in cheesecloth.  It's perfect and I LOVE sheep.  Someday I'm going to have a couple of real live sheep with black legs and black faces. 
Tammy made both the middle jar and the jar on the right using labels she had with jars that have some character.  Both are covered with gingham in a dark red that matches my kitchen perfectly. 

Yep - there's more - don't go away!  Both the fabric covered boxes and the aged clothespins were in the box!  Tammy says "she's never covered a box before"  Let me tell you she did an A+ job.  They are perfectly distressed and prim - just the way I like things.  Thought these would look good in our downstairs bathroom. 

Above the boxes hangs this shelf and if you look carefully you'll see 2 little strawberries that Tammy made me.  Am I a lucky "Trashy Swapper" or what?

On the wall in the same bathroom I hung this little ditty bag that she made.  It has candles that she found at GW, grubbied up and stuffed into the bag along with lots of sweet annie.  The tie is a blue homespun. 

Here's the second black bowl that Tammy included and she sent me the bowl filler too!  She made more salt dough ornaments - 3 chickens and 1 rooster along with a great smelling potpourri.  YUM!  

Okay, I must be the luckiest swap partner EVER!  Thank you so much Tammy, you were so kind and thoughtful and generous.  Everyone is going to rush over to Char and request you for the next swap! 
These last 2 pictures I'm adding are of my downstairs bathroom.  I decided while I was playing with all my great new goodies,  I'd make a new curtain.  I'm becoming more and more prim all the time.  The plainer and simpler something is the more I like it.  So the above curtain had to go. 

Here's what replaced it....

A simple osnaburg curtain.  I'm going to figure out a tie back for it, gotta think about that one.  I want something VERY simple - if you have any thoughts, please let me know. All the edges are torn and I made a simple casing on the top for the tension rod to go through.  I'd thought about twine to hang it from, but for the moment the rod works for me.  

Have a great weekend.  ~Ann 


  1. I'll add my wows, what wonderful goodies and fun things to decorate with.


  2. I did my bedroom curtain and guest room with twine and I love your "trashy swaps"4


  3. Your trashy swaps are wonderful! You are so clever with the way you displayed them all too. Very Nice!

  4. Wow Ann she spoiled you good! What wonderful treasures! On the curtain just rip another piece of onsnaburg and tie it more towards the top. It gives a great prim look!
    I love you blog and can get lost in reading it all! Great job!!!
    And your baskets.......I LOVE THEM!!!!
    Many Blessings~Judy

  5. What a fantastic and talented partner you had! And the places that you displayed them look great!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Wow is right - that is a wonderful box of loot from your swap - love how you showed it all incorporated into your house!

  7. WOOW! She did an awesome job with those items. Great goodies!Love how you used them in your decor.

  8. This trashy swap has been so fun and I didn't even participate! I love all your new goodies and the new curtain in the bathroom.

    Have a great day!

  9. Hi Ann,
    So happy you liked your goodies.
    Loved seeing how you displayed them throughout your home. Looks wonderful.
    Have a great weekend,

  10. WOW Ann....Tammy sure did spoil you good.
    I Love everything she sent to you...and I love how you've displayed everything.
    Love the new look of youe curtains too...I agree with Judy.
    Have a Great Day!!
    The Prim Patch

  11. I just love all of your goodies.You're very lucky.Maybe jute string to tie back your curtain or stained cheesecloth.

  12. great goodies!!!!!!! Love them all , especially the jars!

  13. WOW!!!!! You did get a great partner!!!!

    Use homespun or twine to tie back the curtain.


  14. Awesome Trashy swap !!! You got some awesome goodies. Love how you displayed them. And I think twine would look great on the curtain.
    Prim Huggs n Blessins

  15. WOW! you got some awesome goodies. You were lucky. I love the way you have decorated your house.


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