Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cute Spiders!

I am not afraid of mice or snakes - but spiders that is a completely different story - I really, really don't like spiders - terrified of them.  

This little daddy long legs is, however, completely OK with me! 


Even Mommy short legs is tolerable...

I had a blast making these little spiders - thanks to my friend Deb Perry for the idea.

I have to tell you that normally if I saw 2 spiders sitting on my kitchen counter I would be screaming for my husband to come and kill them. 

Both are now on my Lemon Poppy Seed shop.



  1. I'm with you girl! I can't even look at pics of spiders without shuddering.
    I had to look them up online once to try to identify one we found on the porch and I couldn't do it, had to make hubby look it up!!!

    Now thats bad...

    BUT... I LOVE your baskets! Super cute and awesome job!

  2. Awww...those are too cute Ann!!!! I love your baskets!! I have no talent for much... but alot less talent for basket weaving!!! lol!!

  3. Those came out so cute, I don't like spiders BUT I like these!!!


  4. Those are adorable!! I can handle spiders but I hate rats. I don't care how big, how little, dead or alive, I won't have them in my house. So I guess we all have our little phoebe's.LOl


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