Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Swap From Misi

This is the post for my Swap that I did with Tammy from A Primitive Place - the swap was "So you/So me" My swap partner was Misi from 1890 Gable House Musings.

My mail lady arrived on Saturday just as we were leaving for a baseball game and she was delivering my swap package from Misi.  No fair!  I put the package in the garage and went on about my Mom duties.  Good thing our son's team won the game!  Otherwise I might have been a little upset.
As you can see Shadow a.k.a. Graby was very interested in the box as well.  You can't smell the package, but oh, wow!  Just the smell of the box was tantalizing. 

I unloaded the box and found these wonderful fabric covered boxes, a neat feather, prim envelopes and hang tags.

Inside the boxes were some perfect prim treasures.  Misi's wax fruit was the source of the spicy smells.  They are simply beautiful.  Each one is so detailed.  The strawberry has green burlap as the hull and the skin is full of indentations to represent the seeds.  All the pieces of fruit are dusted with spices.  The colors on these are just perfect.  If you are looking for a gift for someone (or yourself!) I would highly recommend these.  WOW!

I love these little basketweave frames.  Misi combined the So you/So me theme of this swap, using my love of basket weaving with her love of portraits, she hand cut these profiles and made these little magnets.  They have a new home on my fridge.  ( I need a black fridge to go with these rather than a white one......)

The bird nest with moss and a gourd egg found a home on my bread box.  I just finished this breadbox redo - paint and briwax.  It holds all of our coffee making supplies. 

The fabric covered box with George's picture is in my corner cupboard in the dining room. I think I will use it as a storage box for my prim/silicone light bulbs.

The wax fruit fits perfectly in a wooden bowl that I have and looks well with my Easter Bunny.
Misi made a cute little ditty bag from blue reproduction fabric.  I knew right away it would go on the peg rack in my bedroom. 

The 2 other fabric covered boxes are sitting on the end of the church pew in our bedroom.  I have a lot of blue in this room and these boxes fit in perfectly.

I used the twine that Misi wrapped my goodies in to wrap the grungy/prim envelopes and I placed them with the feather pen on my Great-Grandfather's writing desk.  They look super with the tin candle holder I have.

A couple of other items Misi included were 2 blackened beeswax ornies and some gorgeous felted wool to use in rug hooking.  You can see these items in the photos above in the grouping.  I can't wait to cut the wool and use it in a project.  I'm thinking of a flower mat of some sort. 

I have to share with you all what a small world it really is.  I live in NW Ohio, but grew up in a little town in rural upstate NY.  Misi lives in Western NY.  I shared with Misi that I grew up in NY. Her Dad owned a business in the town that I grew up in!  Misi and her family lived in a different town and our paths never crossed, not til now. 

Misi, I'm so thrilled with all my swap items.  Thank you so much for the thought and effort you put into the box you sent me. 



  1. WOW!!!! What a great swap partner. Misi always makes the best items!


  2. Wow! I knew Misi's goodies would be wonderful. And yes, I was right.
    I love everything!
    Thanks so much for joining in on swap!

  3. Oh, your goodies look so good in your home! I love the basket frame magnets, the best of both worlds!! You both made awesome swap partners!

  4. Wonderful treasures! Lucky you to get Misi!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Oh my goodness, what a generous helping of swap goodies. I love them all too. Are those fabric covered boxes? Lucky you AnnL)

  6. WOW ANN!!!

    What a great win! Love all those goodie, and I love what you have done with them!



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