Monday, July 18, 2011

Make Do Chair - DONE!

I have admitted several times to all of you  that I have a procrastination problem. 
I started this chair last summer and just finished it this weekend.   I knew just how I wanted it to look, but I couldn't get there!
My husband made me the frame back and arms.  I then covered the frame with quilt batting.  Then I ran into trouble.
I had originally thought I would cover the chair in osnaburg.  After finding a cache of feed sacks at the thrift store the plan changed.  
I like to sew, but creating a pattern out of thin air just isn't in my resume of sewing skills.  This weekend while my sister was here, I showed her the chair and she dove right in.  She pieced together the feed sacks to create exactly what I had envisioned.  

When she turned one feed sack right side out we discovered this wonderful advertising symbol that we knew would be perfect as the center back of the chair.  

My sister's decorating taste is completely different than mine, so she had to "go with the flow" and be OK that the feed sacks are not all the  same color of ecru.  I kept telling her that it is OK, that's the point of this being a make-do chair.  The chair, in my humble primitive style is PERFECT!  Thank you Aunt Val.  

Not only do I think it is perfect, but there has been fighting going on over who gets to use the chair.....

Frito decided to test it out and discovered that it's perfect for sleeping no matter which way he sleeps...

Also makes a great spot for soaking in the morning sun 

Poor Shadow only had one turn....and that was in the middle of sewing the cover so he promptly got booted.

I did tell my sister that she didn't realize that the chair was simply her audition for making the new slip covers for my couch!  
Have a great week ~Ann


  1. That turned out super! And from one procrastinator to another - only a year? Great job! :)

  2. Love the make-do chair~ but I am a fan of old feed sacks!!!Wonderful job~ your beautiful cats are enjoying it!
    Look forward to seeing couch slip covers~ I like that idea!!

  3. Love the chair - glad it's finished - your sis needs to come around more often! Your kitties are so cute - hope Shadow gets some more chair-time now that it's finished!

  4. What a great finish! Bet you're thrilled - sisters come in very useful!! And v. cute kitties!

  5. I love it! You two did an awesome job on it and it turned out great! I have a little settle type doll chair that I would like to cover, I think I will put that on my list. Thanks for sharing.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  6. Ann, What a great chair. Your husband your sister and you make a great team. Job well done!!!!!!!!! It is really nice to have a sister to lean on every once in awhile. Love the feed sacks, they were a great idea!!!!! Looking forward to seeing the sofa project. I know you say you are a procrastinator, me too. I just tell myself that the best things in life are worth waiting for.......LOL. Hope you have a great week.........:)
    P.S. Don't you just love how the kitties sooner or later own everything!!! LOL

  7. Oh Ann,
    I LOVE IT!!!

    Now make me one and I'll come get it next Summer when its finished. LOL!!

    Seriously though, you did an amazing job. LOVE the feedsack!! Perfect choice.

    Have a great week!

  8. You did a great job!!! What a great idea to use feedsacks.

  9. Ann ~ I do believe that you have created the perfect chair for catnapping! Shadow and Frito seem to be giving you four paws up on the finished creation. Isn't it fun to finally get a project finished (even if it had fallen victim to a little procrastination!) Great job, Ann!

  10. Oh Ann your chair came out great - love that you have a sister that can help you! Oh and the "kids" on the chair - those pictures are cracking me up - so true - they have to try everything out and make it their own!

  11. Hi Ann, Thanks for visit my blog and for your kind words. I appreciate that so much. Your makedo chair looks fantastic, Great job! Again, Thanks for your goodies,can't wait to display it this fall.


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