Monday, February 27, 2012

The Joy of Boys

Before you read this post, I need to let you know that I'm a lucky Mom.  I have 3 healthy children and nothing to really complain about.  Working everyday with children who have multiple handicaps makes me very grateful that my own children are happy, healthy and strong.  They can all walk, run and write (even though 2 of them are rather sloppy with the pencil).  

I need to thank my 2 boys for this new light by our front door.   I really appreciate their thoughtfulness.  Their Dad installed it for me yesterday.  

It doesn't match the lights on the garage.

This is one of the lights on the garage....

This is how the lights on the garage really should look....

Did you notice that the globe was missing from the first garage light?  Somehow the globe was broken.  We found glass shards in the landscaping awhile back. one bothered to tell Mom or Dad that a light was broken.  Here's what we decided to do.  Since we had 3 matching lights, we would move the one from the front door over to the garage and just buy 1 new light(the one in the first picture is the new one).  Sure, the lights wouldn't match, but I'm thinking that it won't be long before another one is broken and we'll have to replace it anyway.  
My husband comes in yesterday laughing a little and tells me that as he's moving the one from the porch to the garage to put it up and replace the broken one,  he DROPPED it and it broke!!!!  So much for my grand plan.

This is how I think the first light was broken....

There was a little finger pointing going on when we questioned them about the broken light.  Sounded like the month before when a front window was broken.  (playing baseball in the house when Mom and Dad aren't home isn't recommended!  Even if you use a paper ball and a miniature wooden bat, the bat can turn into a projectile and sail right through glass and land in the bushes out front.)

I am so thankful to have these healthy, active boys!  


  1. HaHa!!! Yep! Been there!! :) Our boys are grown and moved out now. There USED to be one that lived here named "I dunno" . Brian, Craig, and "I dunno". "I dunno" cracked the bathtub. "I dunno" made perfectly round dents in the wall with, yes, a baseball and miniature bat. "I dunno" moved out the same time our boys moved out!! Hmmmm...just a coincidence?? I dunno....--Jan

  2. I have four precious angels and after years of asking them "Do you know what happened to the --- fill in the blank" we all just say the Boggart did it. The Boggart drew on the wall, the Boggart broke the shelf in the fridge, the Boggart snuck the bag of chips from the lunch snacks and so on. We certainly have one busy little Boggart!

  3. LOL!! Been there done that!! I only have two boys, but I remember the day of broken windows, broken furniture, broken bones, etc... Also thankful that mine are happy & healthy.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  4. Ann ~
    I have two boys who gave me more than a few gray hairs, but I thank God they were healthy! Neither live at home ~ one 10 minutes away and 1 in California and they have turned out to be fine young men (though at times I had my doubts!).
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Your post made me laugh. Brought back so many memories. I have 2 sons. One had a collection of casts in his closet. By the time he reached HS there was a total of 8. They have turned in to fine men. One lives locally & one is moving to Baton Rouge. They have also given me wonderful grands (one of each). Enjoy them.

  6. Oh yes, the I didn't do it mystery! LOL! I know my boys have given me a run for my money throughout the years. You are wise to appreciate the fact that your boys are healthy. Mine are physically, but when they were young, they couldn't talk because of their Autism, and I still to this day, marvel at young children when they speak. Most parents don't even notice, but I do because my boys had to sign and use Pec symbols to communicate. I am so glad they do talk now.
    Thanks for following me, although I still cannot post any pictures, I am not sure why.
    Have a good night.

  7. Ann, You are indeed blessed! Never a dull moment with boys in the house, is there?


  8. Im giggling the entire time I'm reading..I think it's better we find the things our boys have done after the fact anyway. THAT way we can laugh..instead of strangle them. I've come home to children jumping off my roof onto the trampoline then diving into a four foot pool, a son being hunted in the woods...wearing nothing but a life jacket for protection, and woken by the police because my son was having a "bon fire" not a camp fire in the back yard. Said son tried to inform the cop that the neighbors were having a huge fire why couldn't they? The nice policemans response..."Son...that's the reflection of YOUR fire in the window..not the neighbors!"

  9. oh, the joys of the kids growing up~broken this & that~ now it seems to me just like a mark & memory( some good, some oh, my not)~
    Great post~

  10. HAHA! That really does bring back memories for me! I raised FOUR sons! So I remember all of the fun we had! They always had Nerf balls and hoops on the doors of their bedrooms! Good times! And thanks for the Chip and Dale might come in handy some day! lol Hugs! ♥♥♥

  11. I enjoyed this post, as it brought back many memories. Just a hint, when your boys grow up, it will be your grandsons breaking things. I worked in sp ed for 30 years, I know where you get your sense of humor.

  12. I think my 3 girls have a common understanding that they've got each other's backs sometimes. They can get into such mischief together and then all of a sudden, no one knows a thing. We don't have baseball inside or basketball hoops yet, but plastic golf clubs and bouncy balls can do some good damage too. This was a great post. -Steph-

  13. I'm sorry Ann, I just had to laugh! Only 2 boys here and 1 girl. But it's kinda weird at all the things that can happen around here yet no one knows how. At least your hubby admitted to his fault, haha. But yes you're right... they are happy, healthy, and strong so we have much to be thankful for! =]

  14. Aha!! So it was YOUR boys who broke my front door light! And that hole in my son's bedroom wall?? Couldn't have been my little angel. Yeah, ok..... All I can say is, I'm not sure I'm going to make it through 1 boy (and his father who is just as bad) - I don't know how you do 3..... ;o) Fun post....Robin


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