Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Newest Treasures

 Recently, Lecia from Farmhouse Prims and I did a swap, I'm calling it the Baskets for Bonnets swap.  Lecia's bonnets are great.  I'm a frustrated bonnet maker - I purchased a pattern for a prim one and can not figure it out!  I threw the bonnet and pattern away now that I have 2 bonnets from a Professional bonnet maker.  I told Lecia what colors I wanted and she chose the absolute best pieces of material to use.  At the moment they are hanging in our living room.   This will not be their forever home - I'm waiting on my husband to make me another peg rack similar to this one.  It will hang by our back door and the bonnets will move to that rack when it's done.  
Have you visited the new selling group: Primitives Handmade Selling Group? Several of our blogging friends are listing their wonderful handmade items there.  Joanne is My Primitive Hook (Joanne is also Snippets and Scraps of my Mind Blog).  She hooked this cute brown bunny.  I had to put it on a shelf out of the way of Mr. Shadow who is confused about why I won't let him eat the bunny's tail.  

Ginger, from Prairie Moon Primitives on Etsy made these great mats.  Ginger is also Primitives by the light of the Moon Blog.  

Susan from Olde Threads on Etsy made this adorable little pinkeep.  I purchased a pumpkin pinkeep from her back in the fall and jumped at the chance to have a spring pinkeep from her too.  I have to keep the spare carrot and grass inside the box - can you guess why?  You got it, Mr. Shadow again.  He is so BAD!  
Susan can also be found on the Primitives Handmades Mercantile
I just love all my new goodies and I love purchasing from my fellow American artisans.  Thank you ladies.


  1. Oh no, I am scared now! LOL I just bought a bonnet pattern and I thought it looked hard. I hope I can get through it. YOur bonnets or beautiful, I may have to buy mine as well!

  2. It's wonderful to have things from our favorite artists! I see so many handmade things that I love and was just on your Etsy shop lately and saw the wool storage basket that you made. It's my favorite right now! Enjoy your week, my friend! Stay warm!

  3. That's funny because today I just cut out the pieces to a bonnet pattern I have owned for awhile. I haven't actually read the instructions yet, but just reading the pattern pieces had me thinking, huh?
    I told myself, I'd figure it out when I read everything...
    Now I'm thinking maybe I won't! LOL!

    We will see I guess. ;)

    Love all your new goodies.


  4. Ann ~
    What great new goodies. You done good, girlfriend!
    Hugs :)

  5. Hi Ann! Thanks for stopping by my blog ~ I'll look forward to meeting you and seeing your baskets this weekend! They look really nice! Funny that bonnets cause so much conversation ~ I have old ones but have never tried to make one!

  6. LOL, I have cursed over every bonnet I have ever made. It's not you. LOL. I have made many, and trust me, it's the BONNET's FAULT LOL, have a good day~

  7. More great finds, Ann! You have a talent for finding the best treasures.


  8. I absolutely LOVE Lecia's bonnets! They are the best! Katie

  9. Love your goodies, especially the bunnies and bonnets!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  10. The rack with the bonnets looks great! I'm not frustrated yet because I haven't tried making a bonnet yet. But it is one of my plans for the near future. We'll see ;-)!


  11. You certainly found some lovely treats there! I hope Mr. Shadow only admires them from across the room... ;-)

    Anything hooked intrigues me as I'm trying to do it but not good at it yet.
    Love the bonnets...have a couple myself.


  13. Love the bonnets. I don't know, but I think Mr. Shadow is getting a bad rap!!

  14. Oh yeah, Lecia's bonnets! I've got lots :o)
    There are sooo many primitive crafters out there, it's hard for me to keep up with them all. So I bookmark 'em hoping I can get to them later. Aargh... lol.

  15. oh i looove lecias bonnets! she is a wonderful crafter and has some lovely material for bonnets! i love your baskets also ann, im a basket lover! lecia is not only a great bonnet maker, but my bestest friend. :)

  16. Hi Ann, so thrilled that you like your bonnets. I love how you have them displayed!!!! I love my baskets from you as well!!! You make such awesome baskets!!!! Love all your goodies from the other crafters too!!! So many talented girls. Hugs, Lecia

  17. Yes, I consider Lecia a professional bonnet maker as well. I've had one for awhile now and it is my favorite, I love it! My goodness you picked up lots of wonderful handmades! I've never bought anything from the group but I sure do enjoy browsing. So many talented ladies there!


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