Friday, July 12, 2013

Some First's and Some Last's

Oh, My Goodness!  Where have I been? It has been over 3 months since I last posted.

These last few months have brought about several changes at our household:  

The last time I have to buy a prom dress, it will just be tuxedo's from now on.    

The dress was the easy part - the shoes were a nightmare to find.  We were down to days prior to the big event before we found "the pair".  It doesn't help when we live an hour from the nearest shopping centers.  

I'm sure I'll still have to buy dresses like the one on the left, but what a day we had.  Carrie needed 2 dresses; one for scholarship interviews and a different one for the awards ceremony/graduation. We spent the entire day at the mall looking for "the outfit".  Wouldn't you know it was the last store we went into!    

At one point we were laughing so hard in the fitting room I was in tears.  I can't picture this happening with the boys!


Then there was the No Graduation Party Party.  In January she decided she didn't want a party, by February she thought she would, March back to no.  Late in April she changed her mind AGAIN.  And she had very specific requests.  
1. Mom's roll out cookies decorated like flowers
2.  Mom's smoked pulled pork

My husband put his foot down and said I didn't have time to smoke all the pork - Thank you!  He called and ordered it from a local guy who does this as a business. 

The cookies were another story.  I made 2 batches of my roll out cookies, decorated them and put them into the freezer.  On Memorial Day we spent 12 hours making more.  

It dawned on my after making the first batch on Memorial Day that the first 2 batches I'd made were egg-less ( I wondered at the time why they weren't puffy).  I forgot to put in the eggs!  Oh, My Gosh!  I don't have this kind of time.  
The recipe for these cookies can be found in this POST

The Graduate

Another Last - our youngest son is done with Little League Baseball - he moves on to a bigger field next year in Jr. High.  Kind of a sad day to say good bye to this level of ball.  

I love this picture of him in his catcher's gear.  His Dad was a catcher in both high school and college.  It's fun to see him follow in Dad's footsteps.  Spring is always busy with baseball for us - in the month of June we had just 3 days without a ball game.  But there's no where else I'd rather be!  

I guess this next one is a "second".  Son #1 now has his permit.  I will miss our daughter in so many ways when she heads off to college in the fall - one of those ways is her hauling the younger 2 around.  There will be a 3 month period, after she leaves before he can get his license.  UGH. 

I'll be back soon - I promise!


  1. Gorgeous gown! The dress is also very nice. Oh to have a young body again!! Hope you have a little break from hectic days and enjoy the summer.

  2. Wow beautiful gown and very pretty dress.
    Yummy cookies :)
    Enjoy the happy summer time.
    Hugs x

  3. Ann~
    Good to hear from you.
    Your daughter is beautiful...takes after mom :). Where did she decide to go to school?
    Great pics of your sons.

  4. Your daughter's prom dress was lovely, and classic. So many girls are now wearing prom dresses that make them look 18 going on 38, or ready to work a street corner!


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