Saturday, June 6, 2009

Log Cabins

For a very long time my favorite style house was the saltbox. I think it is in my genes to love that style house. My ancestors were some of the first to settle in this country and several of them built saltbox homes that are now either museums or historic homes. I just love the plain, simple look. Lately my taste has shifted to the more primitive rough-cut log cabin. Wouldn't a hearth like this one be the greatest thing ever? Salt glazed pottery on the mantle, a beaver pelt drying on a willow frame by the hearth, maple syrup boiling down in a kettle over the fire and whitewashed walls. I must admit that I don't want to skin the beaver and tan the hide, nor do I want to make every family meal over an open hearth fire, or many other things that the early settlers did, however this look is perfect. Outside view of this log cabin. It is a new cabin, built at Historic Sauder Village, representing the French fur trader that might have established an outpost in this area to trade with the Native Americans. Love the windows! The inside includes the above hearth in one large open room. At the end opposite the hearth is the "store", a mini general store where the bartering and trading went on.

End view of the Trader's cabin...

Another favorite of mine, a two story log cabin that houses the broom makers at Sauder Village. My family might fit better into this cabin!

While I still like the salt box and sure wouldn't turn one down, I think the prim cabin is now my favorite dream house. ~Ann


  1. Ann - I have always loved log cabins. I think they can be so cozy and "homey", and I especially love the hearth picture. Your work at Sauder Village would be such fun! Linda/TheWoolCupboard

  2. Love the pics. I would like to go back there someday. Glad that your basket sales are going well also.


  3. I have always loved cabins & actually had the opportunity to live in one, an old one. They are in my heart.

  4. Hi Ann, what a lovely home and the idea of living that life has always intrigued me as well - but I never got over my love for the saltbox house...the cabin is a bit too primitive for me....but oh the fireplace is to die for!!!

  5. now that real history i love a log cabin always woudn't be fun to live in one like the did in the old days ? with inside pluming lol

  6. Thanx for sharing these beautiful Log cabins!
    Very nicely done..


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