Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Working and Weaving

I can't believe that the whole month of May went by without me commenting on my blog or reading any of your blogs! May brought with it the season opening of Historic Sauder Village, where I work as a costumed interpreter in the basket shop. Since our school doesn't get out until the end of May I was working 6 days a week - 5 in school and one on the weekend at Sauder Village. Whew! I'm glad that school is out. I might have been around had I not had numerous baseball games and track meets to attend. Our DD runs track and both boys play baseball plus our oldest DS played on a basketball league on Saturday mornings until Memorial Day weekend. It is all worth every moment that I spend sitting watching them develop their athletic abilities, but something had to go in my life and unfortunately it was my blogging activities. BUT I'm back, school is over and summer break started yesterday. YEAH! I love summer.

I did manage to find enough time to make the baskets in this picture. Our sales in the Basket Shop are wonderful. I was a little fearful with the economy the way it has been, but I've been pleasantly surprised by the number of baskets that we've sold.
I have developed a medical condition, it's called "Seasonal Carpal Tunnel". I'm sure that some of you have suffered from this condition as well. It's caused by repetitive spraying of stain remover on baseball pants that have red clay and grass ground in all over. My sister did get a kick out of my self diagnosis, I told her just wait a few years as her son is only 4 but will be on the ball fields soon enough.

For posterity purposes I must publish these next 2 photos on my blog. Our oldest son LOVES baseball and will play any position with eagerness, except catcher. His current team is lacking in the catching department and his Coach (affectionately known as Dad) forced him into playing the position. In his 7 years of playing ball he has never before been the catcher, as a proud mother I must say "Good job behind the plate Chewy".

Can't wait to catch up on all your blogs and see the wonderful projects that I know you've all been working on. ~Ann


  1. Ann, It's good to see you posting again! I wondered if you were busy with end of school activities, but it looks as if you've been up to your elbows in basket weaving instead. Wow! Your baskets look great and you have a professional looking "catcher" in the house, too.

  2. Love the baskets and ya know...every team needs a catcher too...LOL I know my girls have never played it but they would if dad asked them to...Dianntha

  3. Welcome back! Missed reading your blog :)

  4. Our oldest son played catcher for years. He liked the fact that there was always some kind of action playing that position. He still plays on city leagues even though he is all grown up and married. His advice to all other catchers is, "always wear a cup!". :)

  5. Welcome back to blog land. Your baskets look beautiful and I'm so happy to hear that sales continue to be good.

  6. Ann,

    I thought maybe your computer had finally bit the dust, because you posted a while ago that you were having problems. Glad to see you are back at it and those baskets are wonderful.


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