Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Redo and A No Need To!

No luck at the garage sales for finding any Folk Art dishes by Pfaltzgraff, but I did find a couple of neat wood pieces that I just couldn't live without. The first shelf is not blue as it appears, but hunter green - not my color, so......
with a nice coat of black paint, a little sanding around the edges and a finish with a wipe down of dark stain, I now have a new shelf in the living room. The flash really glares on this picture. Sorry - I tried without the flash, with the light in the room on and off, guess I should have just waited for daylight hours tomorrow. I'm a little impatient! Not a bad little shelf for the $3.00 I paid plus my elbow grease and paint.

Look very closely at this next picture, as my newest treasure is a little hard to pick out. There is a small crate on the hooked rug. I saw this crate and just had to have it too, I've never seen anything quite like it before. Want to take a guess at the price? How about 50 cents! Found it at a 3 day garage sale on day number 3 - the gal marked it down from $2.00 to 50 cents that morning. It's perfectly old, beat up and grungy, I'm not going to change a thing. I plan on making some pumpkins this week to put in it.

Must head off to bed, school starts tomorrow. Where did our summer go and more importantly where have the last 14 years gone? DH and I have a freshman in high school, someone please tell me how this happens!
Have a good week. ~Ann


  1. Love your redo and your old crate, Ann. Have a great week.

  2. yep, just close your eyes for a minute and they are all growen up!
    Love your garage sale did well!!!

  3. Great garage sale finds, Ann! Love the crate!!

    Take care,

  4. I need to start hitting the garage sales and stay out of GW for a while...better items!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the first piece!

  5. Love the shelf. What a bargain for only $3.00. The crate is darling. Can't wait to see it with your pumpkins in it.
    It's amazing how fast our children grow up. Don't look away for too long or they will be gone and on their own.

  6. Wow! Two GREAT pieces!

    And the "crate" is not a crate at all, but an antique garden trug! They were used to pick veggies, fruits or flowers from the garden. It has little feet on the bottom, because the items were rinsed in this same tote and it allowed the water to drain out and the items to dry before taking them inside.

    They sell for about $150.00 down here, when you can find them! What a fabulous find for you! Congrats!

    Have a great week!

  7. Great little shelf redo and gathering. Love it! And I ca't believe you found that crate for $.50! What a steal!

  8. wow.. you gound a real antique :) Carolyn knows her stuff! :) I love your finds!

  9. What a steal withthe shelf & really all your finds. I wouldn't change a thing either.

  10. Love your goodies! Your non make-over shelf great idae it looks great and you did a great job decorating it too!


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