Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is red the new black?

First, let me wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day.  I hope you all have a relaxing day filled with love and fun.  

On to my post.   The last 7 basket orders that I have had were all for red baskets.  Is there something going on out there that I don't know about?
I have NO problem making custom baskets,  I just am surprised that everyone is asking for the same exact color!  The basket above holds your plastic grocery bags.  The bottom is wood and has a hole that you can pull the bags out of to use.  The gal that ordered this one saw the one below and wanted more rows of red.  Like I said earlier NO problem!

This next basket was a repeat order from a gal who is addicted to red.  Her blog, Red Geranium Cottage tells it all.  (Sharon is opening an online quilt shop in case you like fabric!)

Now, the funny thing is,  I haven't published this photo before and it only just arrived at it's destination yesterday, but I had an order for another one last Thursday, guess what color?  You got it red!

  I really like to stay on top of trends for The Basket shop that I manage for Sauder Village.  If red is the new black  I need to make sure that I'm at the head of the curve.  Today is a day for me to work at Sauder Village (I always work Mother's Day, I just can't make anyone else work today!) I think I'll take a poll about red while I'm working. 
Have a great week ~Ann


  1. Yes! Absolutely! Without a doubt!

    Red red red!
    The right red, that is.

    Yours is right.

    Love your baskets!

    Do drop in!


  2. Well red is my favorite color and as much as I like black furniture and all - I do like mixing colors with it.

    Happy Mother's Day!!

  3. Well I'm thinking your customers have good taste as Red is my favorite color too! Love your baskets!

  4. Red is the perfect color! It goes well in any season or holiday & it mixes well with any other color!
    My granddaughter (Kelly) is going to Sauders Village on Friday for her school field trip. My daughter (Tammi) is one of the chaperones. Someday I will have to come for a visit there again too. I know it is a very interesting place.

  5. Good morning Ann...well I for one love's my signature color for my designs so you got me there...I love your new creations.

    P.S. My husband and I went to THE FORK IN THE ROAD in Mukwonago last night......AGAIN IT WAS WONDERFUL...You just have to stop there when you are in WI next time.
    I had the Chicken BLT Club but it wasn't at all like it was a chicken breast w/bacon and Appricot Mayo - and then the lettuce and tomato was on the side and it was all on a Chibata Roll....absolutely wonderful. Oh, and it also came with Avacado which I chose not to have.

    Hugs, Karen


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