Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Please....Say Yes!

Wow, have I been MIA this last month!  I haven't actually been missing any action though!  Our DD is running track, DS#1 is on a town baseball team, a travel baseball team and an AAU travel basketball team AND DS#2 is on a town baseball team and a travel baseball team.  WHEW  I've had plenty of action - now I just need to get a laptop with internet access for baseball fields, track stadiums and basketball gyms. 

I've also had to prepare The Basket Shop at Historic Sauder Village for opening day this past Tuesday.  Managing The Basket Shop is my summer job - I know it's not summer but we've opened for our 35th season already this spring. 

On to my post.  I'm really thinking that I need another collection!  Of course I'm asking all of you to cast your vote if you think I need one too.  Shh...don't tell DH!  I've found these 2 cute little chairs in my travels,  the blue one at a garage sale and the rocking chair at GW.  Since I've spent a whopping $1.50 on them together I'm thinking that they need some "friends"
Our master bedroom has 2 long windows along the west wall.  DH says they are really basement casement windows and really doesn't like them!  He made me a shelf that runs the length of the windows that I've placed baskets on. 

I think the chairs look neat placed inbetween the baskets.  The colors all work well together: the stained baskets and wood rocking chair and the blue baskets and those with blue accents and the blue chair.

You will notice that I need to paint the shelf and make some sort of curtain for these windows!  Maybe a summer project. 

So what do you think, don't these little chairs need those "friends"?
Have a great week.  ~Ann

P.S.  I do want to thank everyone that has ordered baskets from me lately - thank you very much - I'm now caught up on orders. 


  1. Ann,
    I love your little chairs & your baskets. They look great on your shelf. Wow, the kiddos have you running every whichway. Have a great week.

  2. Hi Ann!
    As a collector of little chairs myself, I say go for it! They can be really inexpensive, and it's always fun to have something to be on the lookout for. I love yours displayed alongside your lovely baskets!

  3. LOVE the little chairs!
    They are too cute. I have been eying a comb back windsor doll chair at michaels for a while now, may be time to whip out the coupon!

    Prim blessin's

  4. I will keep my eyes out for them while out and about!! Shhhh....don't tell Kevin!!

  5. The chairs ARE adorable and they definatly need some friends!


  6. I love the chairs and what a deal..Have a great week..

  7. Well, the little chair syndrome is a sickness! LOL! I collected little chairs for years and have finally started selling them off. You see, my sickness progressed to child-sized chairs and adult chairs too! I finally had to stop and simplify things a bit. So I kept my favorites and the rest have gone on to other homes. But its fun to collect and find them. I think they are very sculptural and beautiful. Maybe you are better at saying "no" to yourself than I was! LOL! Enjoy!

  8. Ann ~ I'm going to start following you to garage sales! You always find the best bargains...sigh.

    YES, you are in definite need of more little chairs...that's a fact.

  9. love the little chairs, so cute. I see a new collection in the works. What fun items to look for at yard sales and flea markets...if you ever have the time with all those sporting events.


  10. I love your little chairs, it looks perfect next to your beautiful baskets!


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