Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Prim Poinsettia Tutuorial

I bought a neat felt Poinsettia at a craft show and wanted to make some more to put on one of my Christmas Trees this year.  Once I figured out how to replicate the one I bought, I thought I'd share with you.   You will need:

Maroon felt or wool (ofcourse you could use white or pink!)
3 Rusty Jingle Bells
Black embroidery thread
Wire coat hanger - approx. 8"

First you will need to make your template.  I used a 3" long by 1" wide rectangle.  Round off one end with your scissors and gradually point the other end so you have a raindrop shape.

Cut 12 petals.

Using a 2' long piece of embroidery thread, take 2 large basting stitches through the large end of one petal.  Keep adding petals until you have all on.  Pull up your stitches to bring the petals together in a circular shape.

Don't cut your thread!  Bring thread to front and add 3 rusty jingle bells.  I anchored each bell separately, I didn't add them all on the thread and then attach.  I felt they would hold better anchored separately.

 You can add a section of wire coat hanger at this point.  Simply slip it through and anchor it under the bells in the front.  Leave the long end hanging down the back - maybe 8".  This way you can tie or wrap to your tree or wreath if you want.
Last step - spray with Walnut Ink.  Make sure to lay your flower on wax paper to protect your counters! 

My first flower is drying on the counter overnight.  I suppose you could put this in the oven at the lowest temperature - just watch to make sure it doesn't burn.

Have fun and let me know if these directions work (or don't work!) for you.

Have a good week.  ~Ann


  1. oooh you read my mind Ann!!...I've been wanting to make some of these...I'll try them over the weekend and let you know!! Thanks, patti ;)

  2. Thanks for this - I bought 2 a few years ago and now i too can make more! Your the best!

  3. Ann what a fantastic tutorial - and so easy!
    I think I can even make this one.
    thanks for sharing

  4. gorgeous and thanks for that tutorial!!!! They will look great on my tree!!!!

  5. So easy that even I can do it. Thanks for the tips

  6. I am all over this project..I have a couple of friends who come over once a week for craft night..This definetly will be our next one for sure but first I will do a dry run on Saturday..Thanks for the tutorial..

  7. Ann,
    these are just too cute!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love this! Thanks for sharing the "how to"!

  9. Very nice! I love this. Thanks for posting!



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