Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Simple Decorations Christmas 2010

Saturday I pulled out all my Christmas/Winter Decorations and filled the dining room table.  Carmen (Primcats Farmhouse) inspired me to do this.  Last year I just pulled from boxes and left lots in those boxes that never appeared in the decorating.  This is the year to clean out and put things into a garage sale box. 
I am really drawn to simple decorating - less is more.  So with that in mind here a few of my arrangements so far....

My friend Melissa from Farm Field Primitives made me this angel several years ago and I've loved her for all those years - I usually keep her up with the snowmen into February.  She's sitting in a bowl of dried black walnuts.

 I purchased this little tree back  in the spring for a great price of 75% off!  The tin bucket was a Christmas present from Sauder Village to all of us employees a few years ago, handmade by our tinsmith. 
 The little snowmen have a very mysterious way of jumping off the tree, hmm.....

 And here I was going to blame Frito for this mischief!  I see now that Frito is just sitting, but Shadow is batting! 
All I did was walk away and came back to this....

bad cat!

 Our old dining room is now the piano room.  I've added a few pieces of furniture here and am really liking the look of this room.  The spinning wheel was a gift from my Mom,  the 3 drawer dresser belonged to my Dad's parents and the desk in the corner was my great-grandfather's. 
I'm in the process of creating a make-do chair.  I'm planning on covering it in feedsacks.  I'm stumped as to how to cover the arms without having a seam run down the front.  Good Christmas project when my Mom is here over Christmas break.

 Just a few touches of Decorations.  I'm excited as there is snow on the ground here in Ohio (finally!).  I'll share some more simple decorations later in the week.  ~Ann


  1. Your make-do chair is so nice! I love your little tree - bad kitty! :) they are so funny about Christmas trees.. I remember having a cat a few years ago and it would dive into the tree! They are so entertaining aren't they?

  2. oh no, Shadow, I hope you don't do that again! Poor little tree.

    Your make-do chair is coming along nicely!

    Blessings, Jessica

  3. Ann~

    Your decorations look wonderful and what a great idea to have a box for the yard sale. I wish I would have thought of that. Oh well, there is always next year!

    I hope you are having a wonderful week!


  4. I really need to do that also but I am afraid the dining room table will not hold it all. It needs weeded out really bad though.
    Everything you have done looks really nice.


  5. Those little scamps. Hope nothing got broken!
    They are gorgeous little rascals, though.
    I purged Christmas decorations last year. I have discovered that there is so much out there in thrift stores and Goodwill and so cheap that I can change my stuff whenever I want. I'm enjoying all my 'new' stuff.

  6. Love what you have done! I did that last year - freecycled a lot of the cutesy stuff i'm so over! Oh that Frito and Shadow - My goodness that could be my two - I often find things in the same state as your tree!

  7. I didn't put my big tree up this year,
    because I know Chum would be all over it!
    I have 3 smaller ones and so far, he is
    leaving them alone, thank goodness! They
    are so curious and cute!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  8. Poor kitties look like they won't be getting anything from Santa if they continue to be bad. I just brought my totes down yesterday (Emily thinks something is wrong with me b/c it's so late in the season and I'm usually done by now). I thought the same thing about garage sale things. I opened them and went "yuck". Funny how our taste changes so much. Can't wait to see your makedo chair!!

  9. I have a new kitten/young cat and I am concerned over how he is going to be with the decorations. I did a scaled down version of Halloween and that seemed to go OK. I am afraid the Christmas tree ornaments are just going to be too irresistible. I definitely won't be putting up my feather tree and miniature antique glass balls.

    A couple years ago I did a clean out of my Halloween and Christmas decorations. It is funny how your "style" changes over time.


  10. Hi Ann, Your home is looking simply festive. Can't wait to see more pics.

    I did the major "Decoration Reduction" while getting ready for my garage sale this summer, it's so much easier to decorate now. There are less totes to go through and I know what is in each one of them.

    Have a Blessed Day, Traci

  11. Did you not know, that's what kitties are for!

  12. Hi Ann,
    Everything looks so wonderful!
    I weeded through some of my Christmas decor this year also.
    Im trying, and I do mean Trying, to part with most of my Cutesy Christmas items.
    I want more of a Simple/Colonial look. Maybe eventually I'll get there. ;)

    Oh No, Bad kitty's!!

    Take Care,

  13. Hi Ann,
    Darn those cats!
    Your home is lovely, I have been enjoying getting to know you through your blog! Please stop by and visit me sometime!
    Have a wonderful Holiday!

  14. Hi Ann,

    SO happy to have inspired you! Love your decorations so far!

    And LOL at the bad kittehs!!!!!
    Can you blame them? I mean it's all just a new toy to them! :)

    Carmen and the Primcats

  15. Frito looks a lot like my Jasper. I enjoyed catching up on your blog today.


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