Sunday, March 13, 2011

Black Bunny and Black beeswax

First off, let me congratulate Donnie for winning my vanilla bean giveaway from last Sunday.  Donnie, I've emailed you, please send me your mailing address so I can get them out to you. .

Had to share with you all this cute little bunny that I bought last weekend.  He is made from fabric, painted and stained with coffee/cinnamon mixture.  He has personality plus! 
His tail is very attractive to one little gray kitty - who'd better leave the bunny alone!

While I had my beeswax out a few weeks ago,  I decided it was time to cover this 3 wick candle that I bought after Christmas 2009!  I drilled out the holes for the tea lights and rolled the candle in warm blackened beeswax.
After it cooled down, I rolled it in cinnamon.  It's sitting in a bowl filled dried black walnuts.  I really am happy with how it turned out - all for about $8.00.

I apologize for this picture.  I've tried several times to rotate it.  It shows up as straight, but when it posts to the blog it reverts to sideways.  (The bunny picture worked - why won't this one?!)
I bought this little pineapple from a gal selling them on Facebook.  The stem is sweet-annie.  I love it and it smells wonderful.  I think I may have a problem with blackened beeswax - I've ordered a few other things from Etsy - I'll show them off when I get them.

Have a great week.  ~Ann


  1. The bunny is so cute! That's neat what you did with the candle!

  2. Ann,

    I love the blackened beeswax on the candle. The bunny is cute too. I guess you could have worse "problems" than an addiction to blackened beeswax.


  3. Hi, my name is Linda and I am also an addict. I want some of those beeswax bunnies and now I want a beeswax pineapple. Drat!

  4. Hi,
    I love the bunny and candle. Both came out fantastic.

  5. How do you blacken beeswax? That is so cool!

  6. Thank you Ann for the vanilla beans! I have send you my address. I enjoy this blog, such cute stuff!

  7. Love the bunny and the candle.Thanks for sharing.

  8. The bunny is adorable and I love what you did with your candle, don't you love old wooden bowls?? I have my Grandmothers, she made the best bread, always kneading it in the same bowl.

  9. Oh Ann, that bunny is Adorable!!!

  10. WOOHOO, I LOVE the bunny and the wooden bowl and how you decorated it!

    That is my style for sure!
    Prim Blessings,

  11. Oh that bunny and the candle..What can I say..I love it all..Simply Prim..Love it!

  12. Oh Ann I LOVE what you did with that candle!!


  13. Hi Ann,
    I just found your blog and so enjoyed my visit! The bunny is SO CUTE and I LOVE the candle idea as well...I can ALMOST smell it!!! The pineapple is really sweet too!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Hi! Just found your lovely blog! I was having the same problem with the "sideways" pictures. (frustrating!) If your program has the capability of saving your pics with a ".png" extension instead of ".jpg", after you rotate them, this may help. ~*~Lisa

  15. That candle is far out!! You did such a professional job! I love it.


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