Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday's Display Chain - Recently Acquired

I've never joined in Misi's Display Chain before today, but have a couple of cute things that I've just acquired.  This little beeswax chick is perfect for my latest addiction - blackened beeswax.  I bought him from a gal on Etsy.  His little collar and rusty bell are perfect. 

From the same crafter, I bought this winged angel.  She used more rusty jingle bells on this.  I haven't found the perfect home for her yet, just hung her on the wall to take the picture. 

Lately when I've been primitive shopping, I've bypassed the "flashy" things and have been purchasing greenery to use.  I really like the plain, plain, plain look with a little greenery mixed in.  This little wreath is perfect for my very limited spring decorating.  I need to find something to put inside it - yeah an excuse to go shopping again!
The last thing that I recently bought - on Saturday - I can't show you and it's not prim at all!  We finally found a prom dress.  After May 7th, you can come back and see a photo.  Shopping for that dress has occupied several of our weekends.  If you haven't been in the market for a prom dress lately, I can tell you that there are lots of them out there that are not modest in any way.  For the girls (and their parents) who don't want tummy skin showing it can be a challenge.  

Have a great week.  ~Ann 


  1. Ann, I love the chick.
    Do you mind sharing the address where you found it? I would also like to have your address for my list. I am collecting names for RAK. :)

  2. The wax chick is adorable. I really like that.

  3. The chick is just too cute! I'd love to know where you got it, and also where you got the wreath? I love the simplicity of greenery!!!

  4. Love the little chick. Such a cutie.


  5. Love your new goodies - that little chick is adorable!


  6. The chick is adorable - just love it! So who you going to the prom with? (LOL just teasing!)

  7. Love that little chick, so adorable. Like the angel and wreath too.

  8. About the prom dress: Been there, done that....several times! Yes, it is a challenge to find a pretty dress that is appropriate for our young ladies. Hope Spring weather is in your part of the world!

  9. Hi Ann!!
    Thanks so much for joining in the chain :0)
    I agree Spring should be light airy & simple *Love your simple greenery..Spring perfect:0) That chick is adorable!..
    Ahhh prom dresses ..they are like bikini's with extra ribbons attached these days.. i so remember last years headaches over having to say "NO" to my daughter.. about 60 dresses later we compromised.. I am looking forward to your Prom dress post..*Prom Fun ;0)
    Bliss ~ Misi

  10. i love the little chick. I hear you on the prom dress...I went through this last year. My daughter is modest so she wasn't the problem .The selection was not good and they should be ashamed to put those prices on that little material!!

  11. hi, Ann
    I missed this last week~ the chick is so cute~


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