Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A blogging Win

I recently won a giveaway from Becky at Primitives n Stitchin.  My goodies arrived wrapped up so nicely.

The 2 items where a doll needle case and doll quilt.  

 Becky's work is wonderful and her stitching is just perfect.  The needle case is hidden under the dolls dress.  Becky included a thread on the side that wraps around the top button to close the case when not in use.  
 For now, the doll quilt is hanging on the front of this cupboard.  I'm not sure that I'm going to keep it in this spot, but for now it looks great on the front. 

 The doll needle case found a home on my bathroom shelf - No I don't stitch in there, but I needed something new on this shelf and she's the perfect size.  I need to make a stitching area in our basement family room and include her in my display on my side table.  
 I also have to share "The Prom Dress".  Our daughter ended up picking out a pink dress - very funny as this is the color she said she was NOT going to get!  
I've missed a lot of blogging lately and missed all of you, but believe me I haven't been missing any action - both our boys are playing on travel baseball teams (different ones of course!) and our older son ran track this spring and is also playing on a basketball team on the weekends.  I've been trying my best just to keep up with all my laundry!  Track is now over and only one more weekend of basketball so I hope to be around more.  Plus I only have 15 more days of school! YEAH!  I love summer break.

Have a great week.  ~Ann


  1. AWw, what a cute lil dolly and useful too. Love where you put the quilt. Wow! Your daughter is beautiful and they match perfectly. Oh yeh, I remember the days of running here and there as a taxi mom... LOL. Hang in there, it'll all be over too soon:)

  2. Awesome win goodies!!
    I love where you have them displayed.
    What a beautiful prom photo!
    Oh, to be that young again.

  3. Ann, Love everything Becky makes, congrats on a great win!
    Your daughter look beautiful! Hope she had a wonderful time!
    Oh, baseball, running,running, running, I remember those days, both my boys played into HS, never on the same team! OLM

  4. Your daughter is beautiful in her pink dress. Your goodies are great.

  5. Ann~

    Glad you like your goodies. I think they look wonderful where you have them displayed.

    Your daughter & her date look cute together.

    Have a wonderful evening~Becky

  6. What wonderful prim goodies. You have displayed them perfectly. Your daughter looks very beautiful in her pink dress. Her escort looks simply handsome. Hope they had a great time. Sounds like you are very busy with sports. Hope you get to relax some when school is on break. Take care


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