Monday, November 21, 2011

Pinterest - I think I'm addicted

Have you been on Pinterest and used a Pin yet?  If you haven't, let me tell you, there's a whole world out there just waiting for you!  If you are limited on time - DO NOT get involved with this!LOL. And if you do, don't come blaming me - I warned you!
One of the first things I found was a Pin for a wool throw.  Having lots of felted wool (wool skirts that I felted just a bit too much for rug hooking) I needed a project to use up some of this wool.  
I actually used 2 different projects from to create my own version.  I cut my pieces to 6" x 7", as specified in  and stitched them together by hand using the directions found here: 

The edges butt against each other - there is no overlap.  I can't believe how quickly this has gone together.  I have 10 rows with 7 rectangles in each row.  All told my cost is right around $30.00, all wool from the thrift store and the DMC #5, ecru embroidery floss I used was from the thrift store too.  

A great $$ saver tip I stumbled across was this one.....
Do you have candles like this - wax left in the bottom, but the wick will not burn anymore?  

Does anyone use ice cube trays anymore?  I had 3 in my kitchen storage area in the basement and have not used them.  ( I don't like the "taste" of homemade icecubes, we buy bagged ice in this house) I would not suggest using these for making ice any longer, not after this project!

Place each candle on a candle warmer until the wax is melted completely 

carefully pour into the ice cube tray.

Pop them out when cool and you now have wax tarts to use in your tart warmer.  

Not only does this save $, but it also helped me clean out my cupboard! 
Have fun on Pinterest and Have a Happy Thanksgiving. 


  1. Nice idea with the candle wax! The wool throw's pretty!

  2. I too am addicted to pinning! And I got my daughter hooked too, LOL!

    I saw that wool blanket on there too and want to make one. Maybe if I stopped pinning I could find time to start making some of the things I pin!

  3. Tiff, Reversal of roles in this house - my daughter got me hooked! ~Ann

  4. I just found out I'm addicted Pintrest too! I've always saved pics I've liked on my computer but Pintrest is so much better!
    Thanks for sharing the candle wax/tart tip! What a great idea!

  5. Yes, pinterest is AWESOME, it's like a magazine that's all pictures, and is ALWAYS interesting!

  6. Oh Ann....Tempt me NOT into Pinterest!!! I've been there a few (ok, maybe more) times and was dumbfounded to look at the clock and see I was missing 3-4 hours of my day. I do NOT need another addiction...But you go have fun my friend...And loving your wool quilt...Gorgeously prim and, best of all, wooly! Have a wonderful holiday week....Smiles & Thanksgiving Hugs ~ Robin

  7. What a great idea about the ice trays; thanks so much for sharing it. And I love your wool throw; I think even I could do that!


  8. gorgeous wool blanket! How wonderful! The colors are great, looks handsome!

  9. Hi Ann!
    First off...have a safe trip to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving.

    I love the quilt....I'm going to have to check it out because I have stacks of felted wool packed away too.
    Great idea for the tarts! I have several candles just like the ones you show...I always dislike throwing them away when there is still scent and wax in the jars.


  10. Love your wool! I've been on Pinterest a little but I guess I need a tutorial!

  11. I haven't been there, but not sure if I need to! That is a great blanket! I don't understand what it is~ it's pictures? Lord knows I get in enough trouble! LOL! I know Mary from Gettysburgh Homestead is wanting to make one too.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    Good idea on the candles too!

  12. OMG I am with you on Pinterest! My daughter got me TOTALLY hooked! I only allow myself like 15 minutes to go on there otherwise I am on ALL DAY! Love the idea with the wax melts...and your wool blanket looks great.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. I tried to not join Pinterest but my friends and daughter sucked me in! I love it, now I need to spend more time making the stuff I pinned. I love your wool blanket. This is my pin link,

  14. I love pinterest and I love that idea for the wax tarts..that is genius..;) have a great weekend.;)

  15. That is a genius idea of what to do with the old candles. I have been just adding then to my old crockpot and using the wax for crafts. The blanket looks great. Kendra

  16. Ann, thank you SO much for the giveaway goodies you sent, I just love the basket and snowman! Thank you, thank you!

    I love pinterest, but I do try to stay away and visit only now and then. It's got way too much eye candy!

    I am loving your wool blanket, and I like the idea to use the ice cube tray for tarts.

    Blessings from Jessica

  17. Loving Pinterest a bit too much myself! Your wool throw is outstanding! What a great projeet, nice stitching!



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