Monday, November 28, 2011

One Down - How many more to go?

One tree is up and decorated.  I'm really cutting back this year as far as the decorations go.  I want a simple primitive look to all my trees.  

Only three different things on this tree - small grapevine wreaths, red berries and ripped flannel homespun ties.  I did add the Gone Sledding cross stitch piece for a little interest.(pattern by The Sampler Girl - link directly to the pattern -  I put the tree in a wire egg basket and wrapped the base with burlap. 

Have you been in to Dollar Tree?  They have some great wrapping paper.  Both of these are brown craft paper - one is a burgundy gingham check and the other is a gold star.  Love them - $1.00 each and they are made in the USA!  I bought them in Wisconsin in a Dollar Tree, my Dollar Tree here in Ohio doesn't have any.  If they did, I am sure my friend Melissa (Farm Field Primitives) and her mom bought all the rolls!  

Did you go out Black Friday Shopping?  We did - we're crazy I know - but we were home by 1:30.  We got what we needed and headed home.  My sister and our boys were playing rock paper scissors to pass the time.  My husband and our daughter were looking on.   

Later on Black Friday we had to celebrate a birthday.  Our daughter turned 17.  Wow - how did she get to be this old? My nieces loved helping with the candles....

My Mom and her youngest 6 grandkids.  Mine are the 3 oldest ones in this photo.  Mamie (as she is known to these 6) is going to use this as her Christmas Card.  Wish the other 2 grandkids could have been with us so all 8 were in the photo.  

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  1. I'm trying to simplify this year too.Love how yours looks and the stitchery gave it just the right punch.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. I love your stitchery on the tree! I have one
    of these trees and it wasn't tall enough for
    me, so I bought a 6' one at Hobby Lobby and I can't wait to decorate it! Thanks for sharing,

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  3. I love your primitive tree. This year I am looking to others for ideas. I have 3 small trees to decorate primitive. I will head to DT to see what I can find. -Steph-

  4. your tree is beautiful! I love the way you decorated it. The family pictures are just great! Hope all your holiday season is fabulous!

  5. I love your little tree! I need to check out DT for those wrapping papers, really like those that you found. :)

  6. Love your tree! Great family pictures,loved getting to see them. I am simplifing to this year.Hugs,Jen

  7. Hi Ann,
    Hope you had a wonderful Wisconsin Thanksgiving! It was sure beautiful weather for you to be here.

    Great photo of mom and grandkids!

    your tree is adorable - it's fun to change things out from year to year - love the stitchery.


  8. Hi Ann,
    Tree looks great.
    I love DT's wrapping paper.
    I have some of my presents wrapped in it and under the tree.
    I have spent the past two days decorating.
    Not done yet, but at least I think I'm getting close.

  9. One many to go??? DEFINITELY have a larger home than I do - we can barely get one tree in here. (Well, I do have a very itty bitty one in the dining area....3 or 4 ornaments though and it's "decorated...") Love your "first" though - that simple touch gets me every time - yet somehow I can't resist the urge to overdo...That stitchery is absolutely the perfect finishing touch. And that's great wrapping paper....I'll have to see if our nearest DT has any (but, gee - guess that means I'd actually have to get gifts to wrap in it too???) (Yeah, things are a little off track here at the nest....) Love the photo of your mom and the grands....As for that Black Friday shopping stuff - you're nutty crazy (and that's all I'm gonna say 'bout that!) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  10. Your tree is adorable! I need to get hopping on the decorating of my tree; was supposed to do it today but got sidetracked. That happens a lot these days! LOL


  11. love your tree especially the cross stitch. where did you get the pattern? i have only 1 tree up ,too. Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season!! denise

  12. Ann ~ Can't wait to see more of your Christmas decorations...loved your little prim tree. Thanks for the tip on Christmas paper. I'll have to check out our local Dollar Tree!!

  13. love your tree! I too think I have downsized! Went to decorate the other day and realized I "purged" almost everything! LOL Tired of the old cutesy - i want prim prim prim - well looks like the next 20 years will have to start collecting that!

  14. For those of you who wanted to know, the stitchery is by The Sampler Girl - link to the pattern ~Ann

  15. hi, Ann
    Pretty Tree~
    No " Black Friday" shopping for me~ ugh, I did it one year a very long time ago & swore never again~ giggles~ I can't imagine the crowds now a days~ you Brave souls~
    Love the family photo~

  16. Love the tree, the wrapping paper and your cute photo!! I'm going to be looking for that wrapping paper.

  17. I love your tree! I don't usually put up a tree as I have a young cat who would just tear it back down again. I also love looking at your baskets. Wow! Merry Christmas...


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